Treehouse Burning: Øphex single released

Cape Town, South Africa: Treehouse Burning made a stunning entrance into the South African gig circuit this year, kicking off with a live debut at SummerFest’18 in February. Since then, the electronic-infused Metalcore act has featured on numerous international support line-ups and already made inroads to the Johannesburg live scene; all the while keeping busy with recording new material. Last week Treehouse Burning released a brand new single, ‘Øphex’; following up after another standalone song released in April with ‘Seven’. We caught up with a member to find out where this is going.

Øphex: keeping the momentum at full speed ahead

‘Øphex’ brings more of what put Treehouse Burning on the map in the first place; a larger-than-life onslaught of aural textures and production. This track was mixed and mastered by Chris foster, also responsible for the glossing touches to Hollow Project‘s (an inter-continental musical project based in Europe and USA) Hellhole album.

When asked about whether or not ‘Øphex’ is the forerunner to a larger body of work, we were told:

“We’ve kind of shifted our view with regards to full length albums and larger bodies of work for new bands trying to build their name. I personally feel like new bands should keep the ball rolling with releases and updates as often as possible. Attention spans are declining and there are more and more small bands competing for the same space.” ~ Jesse Kuhn (guitar, Treehouse Burning)

It’s this kind of shift in thinking which placed the band in such a strong position and we have no doubt that Jesse and company’s instincts will continue to serve them well.

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Lyrical context:

The song itself has a story to tell, which Jesse also elaborated on a little:

“We started off writing a song about excessive drinking and how it can really tear down ones life, hence the main line ‘this is my affliction’. As the song structure and melodies changed during the writing process, the lyrics took on a more broad sense of the word ‘affliction’. We feel that the song makes a greater impact this way, as people can interpret the song in their own way and reflect on their own afflictions, so to speak.” ~ Jesse Kuhn

With some live highlights still coming up for Treehouse Burning, such as supporting USA’s Our Last Night in Cape Town on 17 November, the time to work on larger bodies of work certainly seems to be a secondary priority besides. But so comes to mind the saying “make hay whilst the sun is shining” and Treehouse Burning appear to be doing just that.

“A full length album is definitely a goal of ours, but for this early on we feel like our time and energy could be spent more effectively to grow the brand!” ~ Jesse Khun

For now, fans can enjoy Overdose, the 5-track EP released last year, or either of the two singles released in 2018 (get via bandcamp).

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