With Dawn: Driftwood saga continues with ‘The Night’

Cape Town, South Africa: it seems like just yesterday With Dawn released its Tethys EP, but, in reality, it’s been four years. To say time is flying, even in the face of a pandemic, is an understatement.

Driftwood: out at sea since 2017

Today With Dawn erupts out of its presumed hiatus and graces us with a new single, ‘Driftwood: The Night’.

Since the last release in 2017, With Dawn continued to play several shows around the country. Sadly, their energetic, life-of-the-party drummer Josh Gready decided to spread his wings in the pastures of the UK. With Dawn then recruited the illustrious talents of Damian Rijkers – one of Cape Town’s stalwarts in the metal and rock scenes – to replace the empty drum seat.

Consequently, the band only played two shows in the space of a year, before the Covid hit.

“I found myself working two jobs for just over a year. It just sort of happened, and they needed me more and more until a few months turned into 13. I would go from my day job to a night job 4 days a week and that really took a toll on my personal life as well as the band. It’s my fault we sort of grinded to a halt. But, there is a silver lining: I got my groove back.” ~ Kevin Rule (vocals/guitar, With Dawn)

With Dawn - Driftwood: The Night
With Dawn: photographs by Ryan Swanich Photography

Driftwood: The Night, and the continuation of a musical saga

Even though these progressive nu-metallers were not in the public eye very much, they had been working behind the scenes on a new album. Finally, the recordings have ramped up a gear! The first song off the yet untitled album is a continuation of the “Driftwood Saga”, with this entry entitled ‘The Night’.

The conceptual saga started on With Dawn‘s first album Infinity. It featured songs ‘The Calm’ and ‘The Storm’ as individual tracks, but part of a larger idea. These two pieces of the puzzle dealt with the main characters’ long, lonely journey wading in the waters; whereas the latest part is far more chaotic in nature, and much shorter.

“There was always a running joke that when we play ‘Driftwood’ live that it’s time to bring out the lawn chairs. Those first two songs clock in around 21 minutes, I think. This new one is only 5 minutes, so get off your lazy asses and get stuck in. Oh, and, uhhh…. there is a part 4 as well.” ~ Kevin Rule

Although the new album is still some ways away to being finished, this single will hopefully ride the tide for now.

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Driftwood: The Night