The Drift: video out for ‘The Diseased’

The Drift, Nov 2015 with Chris Preyser

Johannesburg, South Africa: even having announced a hiatus from the live stage earlier in 2016, The Drift continue to chip away in earnest outside of public view. The metal powerhouse of scene veterans were generous enough to film what they had referred to as “the last show” on 30 July so as to share it with those who could not attend, and which is now manifest in the current video for ‘The Diseased’ of the band’s The Mountain Star second album release in 2015.

“Despite us saying we’ll need a decade to write a new album, it’s surprising what eight months with no gigs can do for the writing process… so the new one is almost written.” ~ Louis Du Pisani (vocals, The Drift)

As to when it is likely to be recorded and released, the band members are still allowing themselves the relief of pressure by not committing to any dates. In the meantime, two of the members have begun renovations at an address in Dainfern, just north of Johannesburg, where they are soon to open their own restaurant and bar called Black Tongue Bar which will open to trade soon.

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