Truth And Its Burden: ‘Weightless’ single out now

Truth And Its Burden 2017 Weightless

Weightless is here.

Johannesburg, South Africa: hardcore band Truth And Its Burden has released another single with ‘Weightless’. And this time, the song comes complete with a beautiful vinyl 7″ pressing. ‘Weightless’ follows last month’s release of ‘Dead To The World’, thus collectively introducing a new album from Truth And Its Burden arriving in July. Pre-orders for the full album are open and can be purchased via Bandcamp.

“The song discusses never being good enough for people; struggling with weight issues and a life of struggling with weight gain, etc. Hence trying to fit into society’s idea of what’s acceptable / lovable… It’s a very personal song for me, and was actually a therapy session experiment which ended up being an actual song.” ~ Ashley De Beer (vocals, Truth And Its Burden)

‘I Labour’ Live Launch Shows

The arrival of ‘Weightless’ serves as a final rest before Truth And Its Burden launches I Labour live at Rumours Rock City in Johannesburg on Friday 14 July. The band will follow immediately to Durban for another live launch on 15 July at The Winston, and heading to Cape Town for a belated launch on 4 August at ROAR Live. For full details, visit the respective official facebook event pages for launch shows at Rumours Rock City, The Winston Pub and ROAR Live.

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