Carthagods: The Monster in Me, video released

The Monster in Me

Carthagods 2019 press photo, The Monster in Me

Tunis, Tunisia: Carthagods is just about ready to offer up the follow-up to its self-titled debut album. Originally signaled by an artwork reveal earlier in 2019, this is reinforced with a music video for the title-track, ‘The Monster in Me’.

As with a lot of content we see originating from the North African countries, the quality of creative and artistic output is superb! We investigated a little into the context of this tantalizing teaser just released:

“‘The Monster In Me’ song and video are inspired by Picasso’s work, ‘The Remains of Minotaur in a Harlequin Costume’. This work is a mirror of the soul of every spectator that reveals in him a part inhuman and a vehicle for its own demons; but also can meet a positive dimension in the meaning of life. Our main subject remains mass manipulation. We work on it with figurative images. In this context I want to thank Fouis Jmal and team from Madbox Studios for the great job they made on the video of ‘The Monster In Me'” ~ Tarak Ben Sassi (guitar, Carthagods)

No doubt, Carthagods is destined for some amazing things. Already, The Monster in Me release is followed by significant European performances scheduled in Greece, Romania and Italy later in 2019.

The Monster in Me: album arrival this month!

Launch date is on 27 April! Rock on Tunisia is hosting a release party for The Monster in Me with a performance by Carthagods, supported by locals NoT DeaD YeT and Arnost.

“We decided with the label to make the first show in our homeland Tunisia, since the Tunisian metal scene remains one of our main preoccupation. And we are planning a unique show from a technical point of view.” ~ Tarak Ben Sassi

Carthagods itself is being joined on the occasion by special guests for co-vocal performances: Mikael Stanne from Dark Tranquillity (Sweden), and; Marcela Bovio from Mayan (Mexico). For full details and updates, join the official facebook event page.

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Carthagods 2019 The Monster in Me, album artwork

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