Chaos Doctrine: Father Grigori, music video released

Chaos Doctrine 2020 Father Grigori video still

Johannesburg, South Africa: following shortly after the alternative version for ‘Father Grigori’, Chaos Doctrine delivers a tasty music video for the original track. The alternate release featured Russian vocalist Demether Grail Domari from the band Zmey Gorynich (Змей Горыныч).

Father Grigori, and more to come…

‘Father Grigori’ is the first taster of what the band is working on for its next full length album. The song already appeared in July, although the Covid-19 situation delayed plans for the music video until now.

“having one of the best videographers in the country spend a day with you putting a metal video together is an awesome experience. Pierre took a look at the room and took some of our ideas and just rolled with it. Nothing fancy, but with a precision only a seasoned pro could push out so quickly. We had fun and although, possibly very generic of the genre, it looks really cool and works for what we wanted for this track.” ~ Alec Surridge (guitars, Chaos Doctrine)

“We have known Pierre Smith for years and we have been talking about doing a video together for almost as long. He does movies and videos for a living and is an international award winner; so we were really psyched to see what he would do. This was also the first video shoot we did in our awesome studio. Pierre’s eye turned Gemini AD into an amazing film set.” ~ Dr D (vocals, Chaos Doctrine)

For the moment, Chaos Doctrine remains tight-lipped about the name or further contents of the album. However, ‘Father Grigori’ offers a good indication of what is to come.

Chaos Doctrine: SummerFest’21, hosted by metal4africa

Of course, none of this effort has gone unnoticed. M4A is privileged indeed to have found Chaos Doctrine willing to partner up with us for SummerFest’21. The band will deliver some previously unheard material as a part of its set, whilst showcasing the coming album.

“Chaos Doctrine is thrilled to be part of SummerFest’21. We will be showcasing our new track Father Grigori along with four unreleased tracks; one of which will be released at the same time.” ~ Dr D

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