Facing The Gallows: Pessimist music video

Johannesburg, South Africa: another one from Facing The Gallows since signing with German-based record label, Out Of Line. This time we’re shown a compilation of videos made by fans jamming out to ‘Pessimist’. The result is not dissimilar to the hilarious and fun-filled earlier video of ‘Doom II’, also from Facing The GallowsDead Mindset album; where the overarching theme is, basically, just having a good old time.


Arguably, the song title is a perfect tribute to the times. A lot of people all over the world are feeling down. However, the attitude of creating a video for ‘Pessimist’ is far from the spirit of the title, even in spite of Covid-19 and lockdown restrictions.

A band member tells us about the concept for the latest video:

“We had to do some serious brainstorming for ‘Pessimist’ with all the restrictions that were in place. We came up with the idea to get some help and get our fans, friends and family involved. They came out in full force and delivered some incredible videos and clips. Some of them could have been the music video all on its own.” ~ James Irving (guitar, Facing The Gallows)

And indeed, watching the video we could not help but to smile at many of the scenes. Ironic, considering how the act of creating it has brought people closer together at a time where the universe conspires to keep us apart. Perhaps poetic rather than ironic?

“The deadline was so incredibly tight to get the video finished, so we as a band only watched it about an hour before it went live on youtube. It was pretty amazing to see what everyone came up with and just be so excited to share this with us. It’s important to be able to connect with our fans in a different way that isn’t just a show. We definitely felt the love and so stoked with how everything turned out.” ~ James Irving

Catch Facing The Gallows live, from where you are

Friday 26 June is when Facing The Gallows performs its first live streamed performance. The band had big plans for 2020, now derailed by lockdown, but longstanding ambitions to become more online-focused can now take priority.

“It’s a pretty interesting time that we’re in as musicians. I’ve been saying for a long time to the guys in the band that we really need to make bigger leaps on the online interaction aspect. Even starting a Youtube channel called FTG Tv. It’s a big tool for bands to reach further in the world and connect on a bigger scale. So, doing the live streaming is just the next big step for us. We’ve teamed up with Norwood Productions and Facet Nation to kick start this new venture with FTGs performances. Something we will be utilizing even when things go back to normal and gigs start happening again. It would be a pretty cool thing streaming a FTG gig at, say Aandklas, and having people overseas tuning in.” ~ James Irving

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