Halvar: Baptised in Blasphemy music video

Cape Town, South Africa: we love local content music videos. Even more so when they embody all of things that made us fall in love with metal in the first place. A little bit of spiritual parody, a whole lot of cheeky rebellion and, most importantly, a sense of humour.

Baptised in Blasphemy: music video

Halvar delivers in spades with its latest music video. This is also the title track from Halvar‘s recent 5-track EP, titled ‘Baptised in Blasphemy’.

The theme appears to tie in with the album cover illustration for Baptised in Blasphemy. An infant is born and it looks a horror. Why? One character in the artwork appears overjoyed, and another dubiously suspicious; whilst a third remains out of view, but a hand has the suspicious character firmly in grasp. There is a web of intrigue.

In the music video, the infant is brought to life and a storyline of blissful horror unfolds. We look forward to seeing more output from Halvar.

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Halvar 2021 Baptised in Blasphemy