Hiraeth: release a video for ‘Undying’

Hiraeth 2018 by Matt Henry Photography
Hiraeth: image courtesy of Matt Henry Photography

Johannesburg, South Africa: melodic prog metal band Hiraeth has been shaking up stages in Gauteng for roughly a year already. In September the rest of the country, and indeed beyond, could partake in the experience with the song ‘Undying’ being released as a single. This week, a performance video for ‘Undying’ follows up.

“We settled on this song particularly as it encompasses the bands overall sound quite well. This track highlights a lot of our unique melodies, rhythms and vocals, that interweave throughout all of our songs. It is definitely one of our favorites, and we felt this would be the track to finally give people a taste of the energy in our music. The live video really helped capture that energy too. We tend to go a bit ‘mad’ for this track live.” ~ Luke Cayzer (guitar, Hiraeth)

Undying: lyrical context

With already a healthy and growing following from live shows in Gauteng, Hiraeth needed to choose its introduction carefully. ‘Undying’, in Luke’s opinion, not captures the aforementioned energy, but carries a message of broader appeal too:

“The lyrics loosely mean, you are how you perceive yourself. Sometimes it takes a shift in perspective to see yourself in a positive light. Sometimes it takes delving into your own mind, ‘intronaught’, to unlock your own full potential or to realize you had any potential to begin with. ‘I am what I believe, I am, what I conceive of’.” ~ Luke Cayzer

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