HOKUM: ‘The Caress’ video out now

Johannesburg, South Africa: Five years since the band’s moving 2015 debut album, The Money Eaters, HOKUM is back! If you’re into progressive rock/metal cross-over, you’re in for a treat with today’s single, ‘The Caress’.

The Caress: all perception is corruptible

As with previous HOKUM material, ‘The Caress’ is slathered with emotional and intellectual drama. The lyrics are indeed thought provoking.

“The Caress is both personal and existential, the latter being a play on the ‘male gaze’; meaning that it’s inverted and shoved inward. I ended up combining that idea with the idea that all perception is corruptible. All of this is underpinned by the emotion and chaos of sex.” ~ Scott Wareham (vocals/guitars, HOKUM)

HOKUM 2020 press photograph

HOKUM also sought to bring the lyrical and thematic context through in the filming of a video for ‘The Caress’. In this, the band succeeds, and enjoyed doing so:

“The video is mostly dark with a lot of quick cuts and uncomfortably close shots, some blurred. We wanted people to feel an almost oppressive ‘closeness’, a disorientation, and a metaphysical grip. Each member chose a primary colour – Scott: Red, Conrad: Yellow, Rory: Blue – and added the colour bursts where it felt right in the context of the shots and the song. We really loved creating the video; I’d say as much as actually recording the song….” ~ Scott Wareham

Human Sex Equation: coming in 2021

And of course, what is the point of such a climactic release of single and video if not to bring awareness to a greater upcoming work? HOKUM plans to release a full-length album, via Mongrel Records, in 2021. It will be titled Human Sex Equation and the current track already speaks volumes about the theme.

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The Caress 2020 single