HUMAN NEBULA: ‘Police Brutality’ video out, with tons of guests

Johannesburg, South Africa: the most ambitious guest track we’ve seen in recent memory is courtesy of Human Nebula. The song, ‘Police Brutality’ is accompanied by a video and a small army of artists.

Police Brutality: a global consciousness gains momentum

“To Serve and To Protect”. That’s what we remember from school, when kids declared that when they grow up, they’d like to be a policeman.

Sadly, service and protection doesn’t always feel like the case. In fact, in many societies around the world it seems to be the exception rather than the rule; corruption and abuse of power often taking precedence.

Well, not only do Human Nebula speak up about this in the South African context, but they’ve rallied a bunch of scene friends to join them on this mammoth track. Included are:

  • Reegan Du Buisson of Facing The Gallows
  • Jade Osner of Riddlebreak
  • Dwayne Hees of Sunken State
  • Lwandile Prusent of Technopath / Vulvodynia / Cryoplegia
  • Greg van Kerkhof of Red Helen / Technopath
  • Marty Du Plessis of Hiraeth
  • Kris Xenopoulos of Technopath / Vulvodynia

Ridiculous. In a good way! It doesn’t really get more power than that. Enjoy.

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Human Nebula 2021 Police Brutality