Ill System: not quite ‘Rock Bottom’

Cape Town, South Africa: true to the genre, Ill System continues with social and political commentating in its latest single and video, ‘Rock Bottom’. Although… what is the genre?

Rock Bottom: back to the roots

Ill System continues to unveil its musical dynamism with this latest work. In ‘Rock Bottom’, we hear a greater inclusion of hip-hop styled elements layered into the consistently groove-and-rhythm-driven foundation.

“We wanted to focus on our roots as a band, and Groove and Hip Hop has always heavily influenced our writing. This track is groovy, hard-hitting and to the point. It’s reminiscent of the material we were writing in the early 2000’s, but with a focus on our new sound and direction.” ~ Sean Olsen (vocals/multi-instrumentalist, Ill System)

For the video, Ill System chose to work with local photographer Laura McCullagh. She is gaining legendary status in her own rights for excellent work. A suitable match for the giants of twenty years on the scene! The project was shot simply under lockdown, and yet the results in the final product speak for the creativity of its participants.

‘Rock Bottom’ is also Ill System‘s first release as signed to local label, Mongrel Records.

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Ill System 2021 band photo by Laura McCullagh / Rock Bottom
Ill System: photograph by Laura McCullagh