OneDaySky: Georgia single, video released

OneDaySky 2018, 'Georgia' release

Johannesburg, South Africa: post-hardcore act OneDaySky returned last week with a brand new single ‘Georgia’, and a stunning accompanying video. The band, dating back to 2008, started out as a solo project by the wizard himself, Clinton Watts (Watts Audio Recording Studio). Clinton is well known for the work he does with local heavy music, having recorded albums for the likes of Facing The Gallows, Truth and it’s Burden and many more. With a self-recorded EP, titled Dancing in Cursive released in 2010, OneDaySky evolved rapidly into a full band; consequently releasing a second EP in 2011 with self-titled OneDaySky.

Georgia: lyrically significant

OneDaySky seeks to make music which is simple, tasteful, melodic and powerful; and not least of all, inspiring. Clinton and his cohorts pulled our every stop with this latest release, drawing listeners into an emotionally turbulent journey, but with a silver lining:

“‘Georgia’ is a song about innocence lost in an unwilling and ignorant way. This is the literal meaning of the song to me, but it has a broader platonic meaning; to which almost anyone can relate. Speaking up and moving on is the bigger message that we, as a band, want people to take from this song. Being afraid to speak up about injustices is just half the battle many face throughout their lives.” ~ Clinton Watts (vocals, OneDaySky)

Clinton further describes the title as being derived from two personal events in his life which hold significant bearing. An emphasis is placed on dealing with a tragic past through communication with those closest to you in your life.

“This song is encouragement for those who need the push and the ears to listen. If this song’s message helps only one person, then I know speaking up truly has merit. You should speak up and know you’ll be stronger for doing so. Don’t be afraid to share what haunts you. You will grow from this!” ~ Clinton Watts

OneDaySky - Georgia Single Cover

Georgia: visual context of the video

The video for ‘Georgia’ follows the ethos of the band’s songwriting aspirations: simple, tasteful and powerful. Another member of the band shared the process and intent:

“Georgia has a very special place in all of our hearts. So, creating visuals that could carry the emotional weight of the song proved to be a back and forth among band members!” Eric Barnfather (guitar, OneDaySky)

JP describes how, at the end of the day, they came together to create a look and feel for the video that would hit home with anyone; no matter who watches it. The performances needed to represent each member of the band on their own with matching photographs of them as children. They incorporated a “dark entity” to each photo, hiding in the back, following them throughout life.

“The ‘entity’ is a representation of our troubles in the past; each of us having our own personal ‘demons’ that followed us throughout life up until now. It was imperative to show this, as every person in this world experiences heartache or pain.” ~ Eric Barnfather

Tying in with the lyrical theme that your past doesn’t dictate your future, JP comments on how we all sometimes feel
trapped in our own skin, helpless, alone and scared; and expresses the view that belief starts with a glimmer of hope that you thought you never had.

“The resolution to the unsettling visuals is letting people know that it’s okay to be hurting through life, it’s how you come out of it that truly matters! What changes your life and guides your direction are the friends and family you have; and speaking out to people whom love you and care. We really hope people resonate with the song and the video because life is tough and it hard to go through alone. Sharing your story could save your life!” ~ Eric Barnfather

Experience OneDaySky

If ‘Georgia is your first encounter with OneDaySky, you can find all available music on Spotify and other digital platforms. For live shows, OneDaySky often enjoys the privilege of high-profile appearances supporting international visitors (such as Our Last Night, I See Stars, Fit For A King, Affiance and other previous tours). One such opportunity on the horizon will be with supporting Switzerland’s Dreamshade in Pretoria this coming February.

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