Peasant: Life’s End, music video and second single

Life’s End

Cape Town, South Africa: Peasant continues with its ruthless 2019 campaign! Today, the band released a music video for the song ‘Life’s End’ which adds a second to the number of previews offered on its upcoming album, Unrest Eternal. The prolific hardcore band recently offered the first single, ‘Destined to Dirt’, hot on the heels of a European tour announcement. The immediate future for Peasant looks bright!

Life’s End

With the second song from upcoming Unrest Eternal now in our ears, we’ve detected a distinct theme emerging in Peasant‘s latest material. Mortality! Could it be the increasing global tension? The violent society we try to survive in as South Africans? A band member describes ‘Life’s End’ as the over-arching theme for most of the record.

“Unrest Eternal holds the theme of how our current global state has changed our views on life dramatically due to social technological advances. Most people in society that are in good living circumstances, in my eyes are more concerned about their opinions on social media platforms and their online following/presence then whats actually happening in the world around us. We are living in a world where there are nations starving and are in constant conflict. On a daily basis people take their lives and loved ones for granted. There is little time for us on this earth, and we should use this time to grow ourselves and the ones around us instead of placing unnecessary negativity in the wrong places” ~ Adri Jordaan (vocals, Peasant)

Peasant 2019 Life's End cover pic

Unrest Eternal, coming on 28 June

Peasant‘s next album – the fifth release from the band – is fast on its way and will release on 28 June. Unrest Eternal will be released on 12″ vinyl through Roastin’ Records and pre-orders are open now.

Listen also on Spotify, Bandcamp, iTunes and Google Play.

Catch Peasant live at metal4africa‘s WinterFest’19 on 27 July in Cape Town, days before the band travels abroad. Join the event page on facebook for regular updates.

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