Red Helen: Become The Wind, new video

Johannesburg, South Africa: finally, Red Helen blasts us with a brand new song and video for ‘Become The Wind’. Home brewed Progressive Hardcore taking it up a level!

Become The Wind: in context

“This song is an exercise in catharsis. We’ve lost a lot of good friends to mental illness. We want to let people know that they aren’t alone, while honoring those who didn’t make it. We’ve poured in our darkest emotions and come out the other end with our heaviest song yet.” ~ Greg Van Kerkhof (bass guitar, Red Helen)

Become The Wind: Featuring Simz Kulla

Red Helen recorded with the team at Audio Militia, headed by producer, Nick Argyros of Newtown Knife Gang/16 Stitch fame, to create the band’s heaviest song yet; while legendary Afro Soul singer, Simz Kulla of The Muffinz lent his voice, providing a haunting performance and momentary respite from the devastation of the song.

Red Helen 2021 Become The Wind

‘Become The Wind’ is the first recorded material Red Helen has offered since their powerful Trading Past for Pathways full-length album in 2017. With band members now straddling two countries, two continents, two hemispheres and, indeed two time-zones; one can be forgiven if left to wonder about the title being significant in the survival and progress of Red Helen as well. Though the band assures us that, despite being unable to perform live for the time being, Red Helen is determined to overcome circumstances and continue creating. They’re currently in the writing process, with a couple of surprises on the way.

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Red Helen 2021 line-up Become The Wind