Riddlebreak: ‘Allegiant’ music video debut

Riddlebreak 2019 Allegiant artwork

Johannesburg, South Africa: marrying the universes of metal, prog and metalcore, Riddlebreak continues to delight fans after nearly a decade. Following an earlier EP release with Collapsar in 2016, Riddlebreak is gearing up for a new bout of music output, signposted by the recent single ‘Allegiant’.

Today, we’re privileged to show you the early debut of a music video recently shot for ‘Allegiant’ (scroll to the bottom of the page). We’ve also chatted with a few of the people involved.

Allegiant: the filming of

Chris Preyser, photographer and fellow musician (Bass, The Drift) shot the video for Allegiant under directorship of fellow lens-man, David Devo Oosthuizen. Members of the band worked hand-in-hand with the crew to bring a creative direction to life.

 (Riddlebreak Bass & Mask Creator) states that:
“We’ve done two music videos prior to this, but we chose to go a route that we hadn’t tried before. Filming the ‘Allegiant’ music video really pushed us out of our comfort zone. We had to get in touch with our rawest emotions and repeat it over and over in order to get the perfect shot. The meaning of this song is close to our hearts and we didn’t want to go the normal route of us playing our instruments in the video, but to rather create a miniature film; something about our core concepts rather than just a band performing. We created grotesque masks that symbolize our deepest, darkest inner torment, and light bunny masks to create a striking contrast representing the light within. Both represent our mascot, Frank the bunny; just different sides. This is the essence of Riddlebreak; the battles inside of each of us which we must overcome.” ~ Roushan van Niekerk (Bass, Riddlebreak)

Riddlebreak 2019 Allegiant photo from set

Some words from the third parties

David, as collaborator and director on scene also had a lot to add about the creative direction:

“Giving life to the ‘Allegiant’ concept started with the single’s artwork already. It was key to strongly symbolize the message of the song; essentially the dark struggles we all face and juxtapose against the light that true hope and camaraderie brings. We worked with the epic Chris Valentine on the artwork, and it came out great! We knew this had to strongly transcend to the music video as well. At Spawn Fest, Jade Osner (Riddlebreak Vocals) and I played around with a warp concept, taking inspiration from the line ‘The Power of the warp, a curse and a blessing, blame your false idols for the power you’re missing’. We loved how that looked and we developed the concept further as a team. I subsequently knew I had to bring in my good pal Chris Preyser to take it to the next level with us. Filming was challenging, but we pulled it off stellar. Roushan’s mad skills made the illustration come to chilling life with all the masks, whilst filming with Chris Preyser was (as always) a legendary experience! I love working with him and the team consisting of James Williams (Grip), Alex Wolf (Assistant) and Nathan Ferreira (1st CA). We believe the results speak for themselves!”  ~ David Devo Oosthuizen (Devographic Music Media & PR)

“I had a lot of fun working on this video. From concept discussions with the awesome David Devo Oosthuizen, I knew it was going to be a technical challenge as well as difficult to illustrate the concepts portrayed in the music. The band was great to work with and really acted into the concept very well, even creating the incredible masks to characterize the struggles depicted in the video. Big thanks to my crew (James Williams, Nathan Ferreira and Alex Wolf) for all there hard work!” ~ Chris Preyser (Allegiant DOP and Editor)

What comes next for Riddlebreak and fans?

The band is working hard on creating new music and releases. The year 2020 promises the first full length album from Riddlebreak, and in the lead up to that, further singles and music videos to come. Otherwise, ambitions are high to make 2020 a milestone year for the band on the road as well. Watch this space for more!

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