Ruff Majik: ‘Gloom & Tomb’ video and album cover reveal

Gloom & Tomb

Ruff Majik 2019 Tårn, Gloom & Tomb

Pretoria, South Africa: a new music video accompanies Ruff Majik‘s album cover reveal today. ‘Gloom & Tomb’ is the second track on Ruff Majik‘s forthcoming Tårn album, and follows an earlier release of the opening track, ‘Schizophrenic’.

Ruff Majik offers these gifts today in advance of its final Cape Town show before relocating to Europe; taking place at Mercury Live tomorrow night.

Gloom & Tomb

‘Gloom & Tomb’ sets the stage for another blazing session of mind-altering psychedelia; something Ruff Majik achieves almost effortlessly.

“For this video, the band decided to go for a classic karaoke-style sing-along look, with some intense imagery in the background. Never straying too far from the psychedelic look, the video is full of eye-catching colours and dizzying sequences.” ~ Johni Holiday (guitar/vocals, Ruff Majik)

Tårn: artwork and track listing

The dutch label Lay Bare Records will release Ruff Majik’s third collection, Tårn on vinyl. Tårn follows two previous collections consisting of a three-EP trilogy, whereas a full length album Seasons was released in four parts coinciding with the changing seasons over a year.

Ruff Majik relied again on an old partnership with local artist/illustrator Anni Buchner for the Tårn album cover.

“We chose the image of the tarot tower for this album cover because it symbolizes crisis, liberation and sudden unforeseen change. The band has been going through these motions for a few months now, and we felt it would only be fitting. We handed that over to Anni, and she turned it into magic as usual.” ~ Johni Holiday

“I’ve been working with the band since their first release back in 2015, and as the music has grown and developed over time, so has the art along with it in my opinion. The artwork is a new and more colourful take on the look of the classic Tower tarot card that holds a lot of significance for the band, as well as a bit of a reference to the iconic ‘Castle Grayskull’ from He-Man. Stylistically it’s also me trying out new things with gradients and textures.” ~ Anni Buchner

Tårn track listing as follows:

1. ‘Schizophrenic’
2. ‘Doom & Gloom’
3. ‘I’ll Dig the Grave’
4. ‘Dread Breath’
5. ‘Heretically Happy’
6. ‘Speed Hippie’
7. ‘Seasoning the Witch’

The League of Doom: Mountains of Madness Banner 2019

Return to The Mountains of Madness: Ruff Majik’s final Cape Town show

Ruff Majik is joining fellow Gauteng doomsters Mad God in Cape Town this weekend, on Saturday 20 April. There, they will join the Mother City’s MA-AT and Psykasm for a live presentation by The League of Doom; titled Return to The Mountains of Madness. This is the second show in the Mountain of Madness series launched by The League of Doom last year.

This will be Ruff Majik‘s final show in Cape Town for the foreseeable future, as the power trio relocates to Europe for an indefinite period of time. Don’t miss this opportunity! Follow the facebook event page for full details and regular updates.

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