Ruff Majik: Tårn preview with Schizophrenic


Ruff Majik 2019 Schizophrenic

Pretoria, South Africa: up to some more tongue-in-cheek antics, Ruff Majik unleashes a crazy tribute to an unlikely influence today with a music video for ‘Schizophrenic’.

Incidentally, ‘Schizophrenic’ also serves to announce a new album in the making, titled Tårn. This work is expected later in 2019 and will be released by European label, Lay Bare Recordings; which makes up the second part of today’s big announcement.

“You want magic? We’ll give you Majik! Lay Bare Recordings is ecstatic to expand the Lay Bare Family with the power trio Ruff Majik.” ~ Désirée Hanssen (label owner, Lay Bare Recordings)

Lay Bare have been putting out exciting high-quality records for the last few years and we’re very happy to finally join in on the action.” ~ Johni Holiday (vocals/guitar, Ruff Majik)


Celebrating the signing to Lay Bare Recordings, Ruff Majik offers ‘Schizophrenic’ as the first single/video from Tårn. Lay Bare Recordings will facilitate the release of Tårn as early as 3 May 2019.

“The video is a combination of Sabbath-styled green screen video – circa 1970, think Iron Man and Paranoid – and a loving interpretation and homage to the greatest black metal video ever made; yes, ‘Call of the Wintermoon’, with boat-loads of psychedelic colours.” ~ Johni Holiday

Johni describes the inspiration as stemming from his own band’s love of iconic Black Metal band Immortal, Black Metal videos, as well as the look and feel of the Stoner Rock/Doom Metal scene.

“The song itself is a fuzz drenched speed metal frenzy, ending in a riff of pure, bleak doom; stuffed full of lyrics about madness and paranoia. An ode to Venom as much as it is to Sabbath.” ~ Johni Holiday

Get listening to ‘Schizophrenic’ also on Deezer, iTunes, Apple Music and Bandcamp. Also catch Ruff Majik live in Cape Town this April for The League of Doom‘s Return to the Mountains of Madness showcase event.

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