Sunken State: ‘Swindler’ brings us a step closer to new album

Sunken State 2021 press image, black and white, Swindler

Johannesburg, South Africa: check out the latest single from Sunken State today with ‘Swindler’. This latest track is the next delicious breadcrumb Sunken State is offering en route to its full length album. Solace in Solitude.

Swindler: along with a music video

One of the country’s more active bands since Covid-19 struck, and immediately prior, Sunken State have collected a war chest of live footage. The video for ‘Swindler’ captures some electric moments on stage and in rehearsal whilst performing the song.

“Swindler is a story of betrayal and the will to stand up for yourself. Words can be deceiving, especially when delivered by a crowned charlatan.” ~ Mathew Swanepoel (guitar, Sunken State)

Sunken State is releasing the full album, Solace in Solitude, on 11 June.

If you’ve been quick on the trigger and are reading this post on publishing day, then catch Sunken State live tonight! They will play in Johannesburg with Human Nebula, DeathSpringer and Tenacious 3. See full details here.

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