The Fallen Prophets: video, Nothing to Kill…

Cape Town, South Africa: death metal band The Fallen Prophets is following up immediately after a recent artwork reveal and album release date. Watch the video for the first single ‘Nothing to Kill, Nothing to Feed on’.

Nothing to Kill, Nothing to Feed on

Marcita Maree at Keets Productions shot the footage and edited the video for ‘Nothing to Kill, Nothing to Feed on’. The song depicts a scene of murder carried out by the album protagonist. It’s the first one we’ve heard from The Fallen Prophets‘ upcoming album, Relentless Killing Motivation, due on 29 February, 2020.

“‘Nothing to Kill, Nothing to Feed on’ completely ties into the album and the theme as a whole. We basically chose this song for the video owing to the groove that it has. It’s something different with good tempo changes and sets the tone for whats to come on the Album.” ~ Francois van der Merwe (guitars/backing vocals, The Fallen Prophets)

The music video was shot in a cold room and brings in all the bloody gore we’ve grown accustomed to from The Fallen Prophets since they first lit up our lives several years ago. The band will tour the release starting at the end of February, 2020.

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The Fallen Prophets 2019 press photograph