Unblessed Divine: Reborn Enlightened, lyric video

Bloemfontein, South Africa: a debut EP by Unblessed Divine, titled The Coming Darkness, approaches and here is a lyrical video for the track ‘Reborn Enlightened’.

And who or what is this Unblessed Divine? None other than Lee Wollenschlaeger who, for a long time, was best known for his former project Imperial Empire. However, the last time we were in contact with Lee was during his two-year stint working with Malevolent Creation; an adventure which included one album recorded and three international tours.

Reborn Enlightened: an introduction to Unblessed Divine

‘Reborn Enlightened’ is not the first track Unblessed Divine has offered to the public. It is, however, the first to be offered at the desired quality of output.

“We were in a rush to release a track earlier in the year which I do regret. The recording quality wasn’t up to snuff. But what I can promise is that The Coming Darkness is produced with heart and soul.” ~ Lee Wollenschlaeger (vocals, Unblessed Divine)

Needless to say, we at M4A are thrilled to see Lee back in action with this new project and look forward to telling you more about it when The Coming Darkness does indeed come on Friday 4 December. In the meantime, enjoy ‘Reborn Enlightened’.

Unblessed Divine 2020 EP The Coming Darkness

Track list for The Coming Darkness:

  • ‘Reborn Enlightened’
  • ‘Exalted One’
  • ‘The Glowing Darkness’
  • ‘True Sight’

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