Virginia: new video by Facing The Gallows

Johannesburg, South Africa: longstanding metalcore greats Facing The Gallows members re-render a familiar song, no less with a new music video for ‘Virginia’. If that’s not surprise enough, the video features an unexpected reunion with two former members: guitarist Ricki Allemann, and; vocalist Bryan Binneman; both joining the current line-up for the new work.

“We’re always trying to evolve and do things differently. Stepping out of our comfort zone and offer something fresh to our audience. We also want to share some of the history of the band and the relationship that we have with all members current and previous. Revealing the FTG Family that exists behind the scenes.” ~ excerpt from Facing The Gallows’ Youtube

Facing The Gallows 2020 Virginia still

Virginia: an unexpected reunion

The new rendering taps more deeply into the emotional powerhouse potential that we’ve previously missed from the band. Having the previous members involved only add to this spine-chilling viewing experience.

“Having every member part of this just shows the bigger picture and vision that the band has. We’re all still best friends and everyone supports what the band is doing. It’s really special that we can all share in all of this and show the world something deeper to the band that isn’t just breakdowns and riffs.” ~ Facing The Gallows

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