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Johannesburg, South Africa: whilst Vulvodynia continues to slay on its first USA tour, fans globally get treated to a brand new music video. The song ‘Famine’ comes from the brand new Mob Justice album which Vulvodynia launched a couple of weeks ago.

‘Famine’ was filmed in South Africa by local guru, Fred van Leeuwen, a.k.a ‘The Image Engineer’.

“Absolutely loved working with these guys on the day, and loved the energy they delivered in front of the camera.” ~ Fred van Leeuwen (videographer, The Image Engineer)

Vulvodynia 2019 Photographer Claudine van der Walt
Vulvodynia: image courtesy of Claudine van der Walt


In Mob Justice, Vulvodynia turned its attention towards more real-world subject matter than in previous albums. More specifically, the slamming brutal death metallers took a hard look at home. South Africa has its fair share of issues, as does any country; although what does tend to stand out is the high tendency towards violence within South African society. For a country not at war, for example, the high annual murder rate makes the country comparable to some war zones.

In ‘Famine’, Vulvodynia examines the issues of hunger. This is an important political issue in South Africa at the present time. The future of food security and political will to redistribute farming lands represent two clashing political ideologies.

In the meantime, we put aside our troubles and celebrate the first South African metal band to play four continents in a single year. Fans in Australia; you can catch Vulvodynia live in some of your cities later in 2019.

Find Mob Justice on all major platforms. Also check out previous independent releases on Vulvodynia’s bandcamp page.

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Vulvodynia 2019 Photographer Claudine van der Walt
Vulvodynia: image courtesy of Claudine van der Walt
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