Vulvodynia: new label, new song, new album

The Shadowy Descent of Gaia

Johannesburg, South Africa: if brutal is your thing, then this week is a great week! Vulvodynia unleashes a brand new track, ‘The Shadowy Descent of Gaia’. And to top it off, they’re sharing two more items of bone-crushingly good news

Vulvodynia: Unique Leader Records

Unique Leader Records, based in the USA, signed Vulvodynia for the South African band’s next album. The label was formed in 1999 by members of the band Deeds Of Flesh and specializes in brutal and technical music. Incidentally, as Vulvodynia continues to evolve, its developing style encapsulates more technical aspects with every release; making Unique Leader a perfect fit.

“We’re extremely excited to announce our signing to the legendary label ‘Unique Leader Records’. Joining this label has been a dream for us since the band first started and it feels incredible to be on such an insane roster. This album really takes the Vulvodynia sound to the next level and incorporates some new genre styles that we grew up on as Tech & Melodeath. It was an incredible challenge writing and recording this album during an epidemic but we put our hearts and souls into this release and we’re honoured to present an album that we’re extremely proud of.” ~ Vulvodynia

Vulvodynia 2021 Unique Leader Records

Praenuntius Infiniti: new album coming in 2021

The inter-continental partnership aims to release Vulvodynia‘s new album, Praenuntius Infiniti. Unique Leader Records will unveil Vulvodynia’s new offering on 17 September, 2021.

“‘Praenuntius Infiniti’ tells the story of an interdimensional godlike being and his quest for ultimate power. After being cast out into the abyss by the elder gods, Praenuntius begins devouring all of the known Multiverse on his journey to divine omnipotence. At the end of our 2015 release ‘Finis Omnium Ignorantiam’ the earth gets eaten and travels through centuries of darkness down his gullet into the eternal wasteland of galaxies. The heavens are slowly torn asunder as the Gods scramble for a plan to defeat him. Battles rage and drama unfolds as the earth and other planets within his belly try to fight off the ruthless invasion of his spawn. Shall the Gods prevail or shall Praenuntius devour all!?” ~ Vulvodynia

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Vulvodynia 2021 Praenuntius Infiniti artwork