Zombies Ate My Girlfriend: The Worst Is Yet To Come video

Cape Town, South Africa: at metal4africa we bring you the news. Apparently we’re not the only ones! In fact, Zombies Ate My Girlfriend appears to be vying for top position with its brand new music video for ‘The Worst Is Yet To Come’, taken from its recently released Shun The Reptile album.

The Worst Is Yet To Come

Zombies Ate My Girlfriend is well known and loved for the fine line it walks between the playful and the cynical; wherein its brand of modern metal is the perfect medium to express this nail-biting relationship with reality.

When award-winning excellence teams up all around, we find ourselves treated to some true wizardry. In today’s case, international Wacken Metal Battle 2016 winners, Zombies Ate My Girlfriend, and members of the core team behind Martian Roadkill (celebrated in multiple categories at The Cape Town 48 Hour Film Project) bring together creative fusion in the video for ‘The Worst Is Yet To Come’.

“Initially we just came up with the concept of this news broadcast as a sort of filler to the usual ‘band
playing in a room’ thing. But the more we played with the idea and eventually Tim’s focused vision
led to probably one of the coolest things we’ve had a hand in creating thus far. Something that really
drives us in Zom is when we get the opportunity to work with people who are talented and passionate about what they do. We couldn’t have asked for a more fulfilling collaboration than what we got with Tim and Ric.” ~ Adriano Rodrigues (guitar, Zombies Ate My Girlfriend)

Zombies Ate My Girlfriend 2018 press by Laura McCullagh
Zombies Ate My Girlfriend: photograph by Laura McCullagh

Behind the scenes…

The powerful team-up of Tim Leibbrandt and Ric Shields, whose collaboration in Martian Roadkill speaks for itself is a case of bringing out the biggest guns that Cape Town metal has to offer. Both are also active musicians. Tim plays bass for the legendary Infanteria (also represented South Africa at Wacken in 2013), whereas Ric is best known for his role as guitarist/backing vocalist in Last One Alive (and more recently also as bassist in Atlantic South) for the last three years. Ric is the creator of that band’s own award-winning ‘Kiss The Ground’ music video.

“Zom has always been a band with something to say, and the evocative lyrics really lend themselves to this rollercoaster ride of an anchor-man’s breakdown into madness and despair. The concept gave us the opportunity to poke at several ideas pertinent to the political moment we find ourselves in, while also allowing for a celebration of the band’s career so far by throwing in an insane amount of Easter eggs. It’s to Adriano’s absolute credit that he gave me and Ric Shields free reign to run wild with the concept and realize our vision for it. The band were an absolute pleasure to work with, and completely threw themselves into it. It was one of my most enjoyable filmmaking experiences and I couldn’t be prouder of the final video.” ~ Tim Leibbrandt (director/producer)

Zombies ate my girlfriend - Shun the reptile

Shun The Reptile & SummerFest’19

Shun The Reptile is the second album from Zombies Ate My Girlfriend. The first album cycle took the band farther than expectation, and so now the pressure is on the carry the momentum. So far so good with an inter-city live South African launch already under the belt, a mammoth video, and touring in Germany on the cards for 2019.

Before heading to Germany, Zombies Ate My Girlfriend will first appear at metal4africa‘s own SummerFest’19 in February to co-headline with fellow international travelers Vulvodynia and Adorned in Ash, among others. For full details on that event, follow the facebook event page.

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