Album Review: ‘Cathedral Point’ from Deadline

Deadline 2020 Cathedral Point

Album Review by Linda Evermore

It’s finally here! Following on from its debut album Black Wolf City, the mystical story of Deadline continues in its salient follow-up, Cathedral Point.

Highly anticipated and long awaited since the initial announcement in March 2019; when the Pretoria based Heavy Metal band Deadline released its first single, ‘High Tops & Bullet Belts’, as a prelude to their second album in the making.

The eerie intro and title track to the album uncannily draws us down a beaten track by horse-drawn carriage, to the chime of the witching hour; to a place beyond the twilight zone. With the distant howl of wolves, a wistful guitar melody and a somber choir, ‘Cathedral Point’ culminates… then swiftly explodes into an intense kaleidoscope of song and sound.

Album Review Cathedral Point

Deadline 2019 press photo

Cathedral Point: lyrics and music a powerful blend of Heavy Metal, Speed and Thrash

Lyrically, the album is separated from the Deadline story, yet intrinsically merged into the concept of the album. A distinct depiction of the Heavy Metal icon’s musical makings, created deep inside the inner realms of their stronghold, Cathedral Point.

Musically, the album is a powerful blend of traditional Heavy Metal, Speed and Thrash. The first song, whilst aptly titled ‘Hope ‘n Pray’, captures, in a nutshell, the heroic life of Joan of Arc. Fast and upbeat, with a complementing diversity of vocal resonance, it sets the tone for more to come; followed by ‘Dark Divination’, a Thrashy number themed on political warfare.

‘Before I Die’ is the most recently released single. It’s an anthem designed to move the audience into the realm of the Heavy Metal culture, where loyalty and camaraderie prevail. Marching forward, this leads us into the headbanging classic ‘High Tops & Bullet Belts’; a Heavy Metal theme song, where the Deadline Legion unite to rule the night…. a feisty track loaded with steely grit and lesser excesses of cheese. Staying in the same vein, but on a slightly different note, ‘Only the Strong Survive’ is an ode to and inspired by three of vocalist, Jesse Switchblades’ favourite legendary characters: Jon Snow (Game of Thrones); Aragorn (Lord of the Rings), and; Robin Hood… a song full of passion, courage & victory.

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Dynamic song flow, with delightful variations

In a sudden twist, ‘Clandestine’ kicks into being; a catchy song that will surely resonate with all the conspiracy theorists out there and also those who are not. A story of deception which moves seamlessly into a continuation in the form of ‘Shape Shifter’; a romantic horror of reptilian disorder, revealing a sneaky, snaky seductress of man.

Cathedral Point concludes with ‘The Watchers’, completing the circle in the biblical context. Interestingly, this song was initially meant for the first album, but withdrawn at the last moment to be more favourably restructured.

An exciting new release and well worth the wait. Deadline‘s Cathedral Point comprises of layer upon layer of intensely woven technical complexities. The album is jam packed with galloping rhythms, racing leads and thrumming, pulsating bass lines, interlaced with a strikingly harmonic range of vocal depths and pitch. In essence, a myriad of aural delights, consistently soaring to climatic heights throughout – 100% pure Heavy Metal!

Watch Deadline perform Cathedral Point live

Hot on the heels of tomorrows release, Deadline is streaming a live performance of the entire album on Saturday. Watch them play from wherever you are. Whilst you will require a ticket, you can choose ‘free’ or ‘paid’, with a special limited edition Power Package also available. Select your option here.

Album Review Cathedral Point