Boargazm – The Baconing Review

boargazm-the-baconing Are you ready for breakfast?! The long awaited second helping of Boargazm has arrived. Fresh off the presses, I got a chance to have a listen to the new work by this incredibly avant-garde, Johannesburg-based quartet.

Recorded at Wolmer Records and mixed by Lanie van der Walt, The Baconing features the talents of a number of musicians that make up this four-piece (the band’s performing lineup has a rotating roster of members from all over the Gauteng metal scene) with every member adding their own flavour to the mix.

The album is a continuation of the “Pigs in Space” motif set out by The Aporkalypse, however, this time we find ourselves on planet Zorg, homeworld to the Boar Overlords, and it seems that the humans have a bee in their bonnets. The album kicks off with an abstract intro; grunting and squealing we dive headlong into “human” vocals, getting a very different perspective on things from the previous album. I don’t want to delve too much into the story on this album, I feel that is something fans and listeners need to discover for themselves. So let’s get straight to the music.

On technicality and timing alone, I found this album an incredible evolution on Boargazm‘s debut: Structures are tight, timing is tighter and the riffs will melt your face. One gets the sense that the tracks to this album were a lot more thought out and that the band put in a lot more time and effort to getting their sound right. Feel free to give us your two cents, but I detected a strong Meshuggah and Decapitated influence.

Dynamically the range has increased. Gone are the repetitive tones from the Aporkalypse, The Baconing has spared no expense in showing how the band have grown as musicians over the last three years, and not in a bad way. No two tracks are the same, and each track flows nicely off the last when the album is listened to as a whole.
Having said that, I have two tiny gripes with the album, and trust me, they are tiny.

One: The mixing on the album seems a little monotonous. There was a lack of definition between instruments, especially given the range and depth of what is being played.
Sometimes I was left wishing there was just a little more depth on the bass, or a little bit more gain on the guitar, as a whole it felt as though the mixing had robbed me of my “goose-pimple” moment.
Two: How I wish the tracks were LONGER! I wanted the riffs to continue and grow. It was all too bitter sweet when they ended.

boargazm-tour-flyerAlthough, in Boargazm‘s favour, this does mean that I will be listening to the album more than once and I’m pretty sure most people will being doing the same. Overall, the album feels whole, well thought out and well rounded. I have no doubt that hearing this album live will give me the “goose-pimples” and sore neck I feel it deserves. Anything you might find wrong with this album is, quite simply, overwhelmed by everything that has been done so incredibly right.

Catch Boargazm live at Oppikoppi this weekend and at the following nationwide launch dates:

14 Aug – Manilla Bar (CPT)
16 Aug – ROAR (CPT)
19 Aug – Pool City (PE)
20 Aug – Raggies Pub (East London)
22 Aug – Red Door (PMB)
23 Aug – Rumours Lounge (JHB)
12 Sep – Wolmer (PTA) with Sepultura

Stream “Underverse”, the first single from The Baconing below: