Bullescript – Knotted EP Review

Bulletscript knottedWe often listen album to death when reviewing, for me that meant a twelve-hour work day with this bad boy on repeat. Now sitting comfortably with a beer in hand, and better sound quality than my work headphones, I have to say it: I’m impressed. I’m a bit of stickler for mixing and mastering, and, I feel, for good reason. Modern technology being what it is today, there aren’t many excuses for poor quality. Look at fellow Capetonians, Wildernessking.

For a first recorded album, the boys in Bulletscript put a lot of love, sweat, rage and tears into Knotted. Mixed by Bulletscript, recorded and mastered by Devon Martindale (DDM Studios), they have produced a rock solid offering.

I’ve always enjoyed Bulletscript live and I think their sound carries through recording well. The album gives you a glimpse of what they are like on stage, with only two pieces falling through; one, the vocals are a little more filtered than I like (again, I like ’em live!) and two, there seems to be a bit of a bass resonance that lingers on “Politics”, which, on second thought, might have been intentional to lend to that live feeling.

One can’t help but play the “influences game” with this EP. Feel free to disagree, but I detect a mish-mash of classic thrash: A dab of Pantera, a splash of Metallica (when they were still in the good ‘ol Kill ’em All days) and just a pinch of Slayer. Combine this with a very interesting South African groove and the beautiful melodic break downs on guitar and you have Bulletscript. I’m going to give a hat tip to Kyle Curran, because damn! Homie can play some drums!

bulletscript-promo-2014Lyrically the bands passion for South African politics comes through, and why the hell not?! South Africa has some of the best politics on the global stage, which makes for fantastic commentary. The writing on “We Owe You”, being my personal favourite.

Overall, I’m proud of these guys. The hard work, gigging and the hours in studio have been well worth it. I encourage you to get to their next live gig and buy yourself a copy of the EP.
Alternatively if you can’t wait, get online and visit
Subterania Music or Bandcamp for your digital copy.

Listen to “We Owe You” by Bulletscript:

Knotted cover art by Chris Valentine.