Cape Town metalheads turn out in numbers to support Lucky Lucy

INFURNO took place on Saturday 14 June, in aid of our furry friends. Boigz, who was able to attend, kindly supplied a recount (below) of what was a very successful fundraiser event. Pictured here is Kevin King, the event organizer, delivering donations gifted by the metalheads of Cape Town. ~ DF


On Saturday night I had the pleasure of attending a charity event organised by Kevin King (of AXXON infamy). Heeding the pleas of The Lucky Lucy Foundation – an animal welfare organisation about to be evicted from its premises – Kevin took it upon himself to put together a benefit show, from which all proceeds would be donated to Lucky Lucy.

I have to say, what a show it was! The list of bands that were kind enough to contribute their time and talent was nothing short of stellar. And it showed – luring the huddled masses out from the comfort of their winter fortresses to brave the awful weather and enjoy a night to remember. ROAR kindly played host to Bulletscript, With Dawn, Megalodon, Arc Reactor and Peasant. The place was packed, and by the looks of it, most punters brought along extra donations for the animals as well!

After the mandatory beeline to the bar and the hearty hugs and handshakes, it was time for Bulletscript to take to the stage. They are fast becoming one of my all time favourite bands here – combining the distinctly destructive dynamics of Entombed and Pantera – they create a riff-heavy runaway train fronted by a tall, suave Rollins figure in the shape of Ian Watson, who has the charisma to back up his attitude and the band pack the heavy weight punch required to knock the audience on its arse!

Next up the monstrous With Dawn. Above the massive chunky, sludgy riffs, Kevin Rule(s) sings and screams his melancholy melodies and his heartfelt rage – and the sweaty supporters that filled the dancefloor were coaxed into even more of a carousing mess.

At this stage I was one of them, and given my unfortunate penchant for pre-gaming, the rest of the evening blurred between tipping the barman too much and many, many happy and heated discussions. I can tell you one thing for a fact though, the rest of the bands played up a storm and kept the crowds going wild. I remember only snippets, especially when Kevin got up to do his occasional prize draws – a great night indeed!

Congratulations and no small amount of thanks are due to Kevin, the bands and the sponsors. They all did an amazing thing for those less fortunate and we can all take a leaf out of their book. If more people were so selfless and were willing to sacrifice of their time and energy, we wouldn’t be living in nearly as shitty a world as we do. I can’t wait for INFURNO II…

More information about The Lucky Lucy Foundation can be found at their website.