Dead Lucky – Sons Of Lazarus Review

dead-lucky-sons-of-lazarusIf you’re one of those elitists that only listens to metal (and nothing else) you can skip this one. Dead Lucky are not metal; but that hasn’t stopped them from delivering an album that captures the spirit of all things metal and it’s absolutely dripping with macho bravado and posturing. It’s the type of music that you’d put on the playlist with the likes of Mötorhead and Danzig. Taking cues from dirty, blues inspired rock ‘n roll with some punk flavour, sped up to the point of speed metal, this album is a rocker. It makes you want to buy a Harley to ride through the desert, drinking whiskey and smoking two packs of Marlboro a day. In short: Manly as Fuck!

Dead Lucky hail from Cape Town, which of late has seen a growth in the more indie scene; Rockabilly, hard rock and post-rock bands are popping up all over the place. What makes Dead Lucky stand out above the rest is their embrace of the old school. It’s straight up, dirty, rock ‘n roll.

Every track has a place on this album, from the slower engine-revving anthems like “Sons of Lazarus” and “Live Fast, Die Last” to the top-speed ragers like “Prowler” and “Favourite Kinda Women” and the slower, more bluesy end-of-journey tracks like “Slow Dance with The Devil” and “End of the Day”.

The guitarwork is powerful without being too aggressive. The bluesy leads and downright crunchy rhythm creates a great dichotomy of sound with beastly drumming and the bass providing a sultry, deep glow to the background. The sound is all carried over into the vocals and Kyle Lucky seems to channel Lemmy Kilmister, with a sprinkling of James Hetfield. His ability to stay on key whilst wrenching out a 3 pack a day gruffness is not to be taken lightly. It ties everything together in a sleazy sex-shop-bought bow!

The lyrical content on this album dabbles in highways, livin’ free, being a general bad-ass and there’s even a song about a stalker and some Satan in there for good measure. And, as is tradition, a song that is so misogynistic, that you want to punch them, but at the same time, it’s presented in a way that’ll make girls rip their tops off to be noticed by the band. The girlfriend will probably rip my balls off, but it’s my favourite track. Here’s just a sample of the lyrics for “My Favourite Kinda Women”:

dead-lucky-promo-2013“I wanna see, I wanna see, I wanna see you plead
I want you down, I want you down, I want you on your knees
I wanna make, I wanna make, I wanna make you bleed!
My favourite kinda women, are those that wanna fuck me!”

All in all, I can’t not love Sons Of Lazarus. It’s a good slice of everything I enjoy about sleazy rock ‘n roll laced with metallic sensabilities. I’m really looking forward to see them rip a stage a new one and if they keep at it, there’s no seedy underbelly in the world they couldn’t play.

Check out the Video for “Prowler” Below.

Or if your boss blocks Youtube at work, flip him off, and listen to “Prowler” on Soundcloud!