Gig Review: INGquisition Album Launch

On Saturday 29 September, the time had come for the “INGfidels” to gather for the release of ING’s second full-length album, Ingquistion.

I rushed upstairs to ROAR and arrived in the midst of Bulletscript‘s first song. The band seemed more energetic than when I last saw them in June, and the energy in the room shot up when they played “We Owe You Nothing”. I had forgotten what a great metal anthem that song is. I found the song “Knotted” – about stress – very relatable, as I’m sure the majority of the crowd did! Bulletscript also offered some political commentary with songs like “Portent” and “Politics”. Their catchy grooves had a number of heads (including my own) constantly moving throughout the set. An elastic man was doing some kind of dance in the front row; he managed to clear a large area around himself.

Punk-thrash band Junkyard Lipstick was up next. I always find their sets to be a lot of fun to watch. The band is sounding tighter than ever, and seems to be moving towards a more thrash-oriented sound. More thrash metal is never a bad thing. The new lead guitarist looked more settled than when I first saw her play. Junkyard Lipstick did an excellent cover of Metallica‘s “For Whom the Bell Tolls”, which got a good response from the crowd. The song “Rosie O’Donnell”, with its sing-along chorus and catchy riffs, has come to be one of my favourites in their set. The ladies showed a more serious side with the song “Flush”, which deals with the plight of abandoned children.

I haven’t seen ING since Rock The River 2011, so by the time they took to the stage my anticipation levels were rather high. They delivered what can only be described as a ferocious set! These guys are unapologetically critical of local politicians/politics and religion. The INGquisition also examined the Columbine killings, Moses Sithole (a South African serial killer whose modus operandi was strangling his victims) and Cape Flats gang violence. The crowd enjoyed the “roasting” of Julius Malema (ex-ANC Youth League leader) in the song “Juilus”. As well as putting on a powerful vocal performance, frontman Brian Villain played some great guitar solos as well, backed by the steady riffing of Henk Kruger. Things got quite riotous during “INGquisition” – a one-man wrecking crew managed to scatter most of the crowd. ING brought a high energy to the stage, and generated a great atmosphere – one of possibility, and revolution.

Beeldenstorm had the hard task of playing after ING, but they were up to the challenge. Unusually for a death metal band, the guitar work is focused more on riffs, with few, if any, solos. The guitarists compliment each other well; the lead riffs and rock-solid rhythm are a good combination. I enjoyed the dual guitar line they did at one point and I swear I heard the drum kit screaming in pain; the drummer was determined to blast us all to Valhalla. All the lyrics are in Afrikaans, which is definitely an excellent match for death metal vocals. Beeldenstorm ended the festivities on a strong note.

The Ingquistion album launch will go down as one of the highlights on the metal calendar for me; for this metalhead, there are few things as de-stressing as headbanging the night away to a solid line up of bands.