Gig Review – Piping Hot Metal @ ROAR

The place, R.O.A.R. What more can be said other than that most regular patrons of Gandalfs Observatory will know, there will always be three dance floors of chaos, drink specials that come straight out of the 90s and a live venue that boasts great sound and lighting for any discerning outsider who may think otherwise.

The event Piping Hot Metal was co-hosted by legendary metal stalwarts Mind Assault and local up and comers Stellitius, who garnered a just line up of acts to get everyone drunk and headbanging by the time the night was through.

The show kicked off with heart pounding and headbanging opening act, Stellitius. Their style of agro fueled death “biker” metal as described by a fellow fan was a sure burning arrow to the chest. Stellitius showcased a great performance and style of metal that has been waning in recent years but can still kick you in the head and have you getting picked up for some more.

Haggis & Bong
Next up were the “Scottish” foreigners to the Cape, Gauteng based Haggis and Bong. This bag pipe-blowing rock/metal outfit proved that a lack of vocals, but versatility in instrumentation can make your band sound as intricately original and refreshing to even the most contemptuous of ears. The trio exploded onto the stage spurred on by a drum and bass companion of rock/metal grooves and lead that could only be described by as a fan as “bagpipe shredding”. It takes you back to a time when Braveheart was in and the Scottish fought to the death for their independence just in the same way as this band does.

Mind Assault
Following the openers, to slot into the headlining show were local metal heroes, Mind Assault. They took to the stage with their copyrighted brand of savagery and brutality that most veteran fans have come to expect. Their no hold bars attitude to metal all the years is paying off in that these guys will always be without question a solid band; playing tight sets allowing you to walk away feeling satisfied and spent.

Sadistic Dementia
Last to the fray was none other than newcomers, unless I’m wrong, Sadistic Dementia. Inexperience and youth didn’t stop these boys from delivering a set that was tight and full of energy. They blasted their way through their songs featuring a style reminiscent of the late 80s and early 90s death metal movement. With careful nurturing and time these guys will certainly leave their mark.

To the end of a night well spent on metal, friends and classic affordable entertainment, all felt welcome here on the alternative and heavier side of life for a change.

Photography by: Bernhard K. Ernst