Gig Review: Resurrection EP Launch

I arrived at Rabbit Hole in Durbanville to find a large crowd oozing out of the venue; apparently smokers aren’t allowed inside anymore. The crowd in and outside was much larger than one would usually expect at this kind of venue – definitely a good sign – and there was a clear party spirit which is not always evident at metal gigs – an even better sign. There were more attractive women than a brief stroll in Kloof street – best sign – and without being gender biased, there were some pretty neat looking dudes too.


After speaking to some of Moment of Clarity‘s members it turned out that after unplanned, eighteen month hiatus between 2010 and 2012 they decided that being normal is kak and being in a band rocks! So they put on their thinking caps, whipped out their feathers and ink with the same determination I imagine Christopher Columbus had and put together an amazing album.

It turns out that at the last minute Moment of Clarity were left without a sound man. Being the type of guys that don’t just give up, they hit all the contacts on their phones until they finally found someone, saving the event!
Unfortunately Rabbit Hole has never really been known for good sound for metal, even when it had the promising name of “Kunskaffee” (“Art Café” in English). This is something that can be attributed to both the bands themselves and in-house efforts. Despite the odds stacked against them Moment Of Clarity pulled off a set that was crystal clear in the face of massive adversity, kudos bros.


Openers, Thread Of Omen, are relative newcomers who like to jam the fast and hard metal. Other support appeared in the form of Arc Reactor, essentially the next Korn, who kept the crowd keen. If you have been feeling a little nostalgic lately they are well worth a listen. They have a thousand ways to access their songs. Also, for marketing tips, keep an eye on this band.

The performances on stage were as hot as the venue was inside. So much so that I was forced to watch part of the show in the cold outside with all the untouchables. “Man, Moment of Clarity band is tight,” my plus-one and I muttered. Every note was heard, every solo got the horns, every word was taken in, every chug was blessed with a head bang and Mr Drummer kept it all together in perfect harmony. Naturally, the guys got an encore and blew everybody away again. Definitely keep your eyes and ears out for Moment of Clarity in the coming months!


Resurrection is available for online streaming on Spotify, Rdio and SoundCloud, and available for digital purchase on iTunes and Amazon MP3.