Heathens, Imperium Of Man And Butchered @ R.O.A.R, 2nd April

Another night at Gandalf’s and a multi-genred line up at R.O.A.R made for an interesting evening and a refreshing break from the predominantly death metal events. Although not as well attended as the Friday night Bile of Man EP tour launch, there was still support for the bands.

Butchered, a three piece death metal band, were up first. They delivered a good show but need to tighten up and find the groove amongst themselves as musicians. I did enjoy the thrash elements they blended into their death metal sound though. With time and practice, this band can become an enjoyable one to see live.

Following them next was an alternative indie band going by the name of Fingers In The Sky. I enjoyed the energy the band had on stage and the humorous content of their lyrics and track titles. The added harmonica on the “Seven Nation Army” cover gave it that little extra flavor that the original lacked. One of their songs had a good Rage Against The Machine vibe, including vocals from the bassist, which I enjoyed.

Next up was Heathens, a rock, black metal band that are currently recording their debut full-length album. Their stage performance was awesome and they are playing their genre well. They drew the biggest crowd of the night, and I am excited to hear how their album will turn out.

Imperium of Man
The last performance for the evening was from Imperium of Man, a death metal band that has strong power behind their music and find themselves playing shows quite frequently. For me, they were the highlight of the night as far as enjoying the music went. Very raw, brutal vocals and a strong stage presence from the vocalist. Although branching into death core, they remain balanced and will do well to maintain the crossover. All in all, a good night for those that attended.

Imperium of Man