ING – INGquisition Review

ING – the most politically INGcorrect band in the universe – have brought out their second slab of degenerate death/thrash metal and with it their usual take on the world we live in and life in general. I am sure that the lyrical content of this serving of vitriol will not sit well with some listeners, as in fact, some may personally disagree with the views expressed by this humble scribe, but bear the following in mind: While the obvious hotbed of political commentary is likely to land you in some sort of trouble, it’s not prejudiced if it is all inclusive. Like Type O Negative said so many years ago, “We hate everyone.”
Be that as it may, too often an album or a style or a band is rated or judged on the lyrical content of its work. If you want that, go and listen to Morrissey. To all those who lament and cover themselves in sack cloth and ashes every time someone says something with which they disagree, it’s a free world and our liberators fought hard for ING’s right to piss on their batteries for poor governance. Among many other things. They take a dim view of the world around them and can you blame them?

So me, I’m going to concentrate on the music because that is what is important to me. Ingquisition, the second full length offering, starts off with a parody skit of local politicians being dragged out and executed, much to the very vocal surprise and outraged horror of the reporter – something I wouldn’t mind happening, considering the on-going list of atrocities these idiots perpetrate in the name of self-enrichment, instead of good ol’ public service. The riffing throughout the album is razor sharp and reminiscent of a more thrashy era, although the drums are an unrelenting barrage of bowel twisting brutality. (I don’t use the word often enough to warrant any concern.)

None of the songs, as you can imagine on an album of this ferocity and fearsome aggression, stand out as singular entities. Well, none except “Julius”, a very topical satire of our most beloved local political soap opera star. This album should be viewed more as a whole collection of works and be given the chance to mature and grow. Although sonically, slight stylistic nuances (an ever present source of interest) are abundantly apparent, being able to single any particular one out is going to be difficult without quite a few more listens. And I think a few more listens are certainly warranted.

In summation, and after realising your body clock has adjusted itself to the bruising rhythm of ING, you’re left with the impression that these guys are incredibly focussed musicians who have a no-holds-barred, no-nonsense approach to delivering their scathing review of a fetid world, without pulling any punches. Agree with their jaundiced politics or not, you can’t take away their skewed sense of humour or twisted sense of indignation.

But before anyone goes off on their high horses, spewing forth the banal backlash that reminds me of the first time my mother was forced to listen to SLAYER, perhaps a scratch beneath the confrontational and controversial surface is required in order to attain some deeper level of understanding. We live in a sick world and now we are being forced to look in a sharp, dirty, bloodied shard of mirror. This is metal without compromise. No quarter given and none asked – just like in the good old traditions of metal – before the mascara.

Stream “Systematic Cull-ture” off INGquisition below and be sure to catch ING‘s album launch at ROAR this weekend.