Instrametal – The Catalyst to Chaos Review

Instrametal is a four piece melodic music beast that hails from Johannesburg, that employs the services of Lord Onyr (Spectral Realm) on keyboard when they play live and according to them, “The human race is losing the plot.” The Catalyst to Chaos is their second album and sees them writing very melodic metal to accompany their concept which includes “malicious intent for self gain”.

What I found very virtuous was that they decided to create an album that was done professionally enough to be sold in a CD store, but to still be independent from record labels. There’s a noticeable improvement on the quality of the production from their first offering, The Flesh Catastrophe. To achieve the sound on the album, they got in sound engineer Allen Purkiss to give a helping hand in the recording and production of the album. For their album cover they collaborated with Louis van Zyl, a good friend who captured the spirit of the album in the cover. The album cover is seeping with symbolism like the fingers, which are gorily ripping through skin, mirrors the human race’s self-destructive behavior, and that we are capable of being monsters. It poses the question of whether we’ll ever be able to see the truth or if we’ve become so infected with materialism that having a harmonious society is just a pipe-dream.

The title track sets the mood for the rest of the album, and made me feel elevated to different planes of emotion. “A House Divided” has interesting bass lines, and I love the solo more than life itself. It is beautiful and emotional and the arpeggios make you feel like you’ve been on a long, tiring and emotional journey but somehow you feel solace at the end of the solo. “Dogsday” tells a story that involves aggressive riffs laced with sensitivity and it feels like you’re witnessing the “will to power” in action, as if being separate from yourself. As the title aptly puts it, “Human Extinction” is the closest that you will get to brutality on this album, and the keyboards create a more intense darkness that makes you feel as if you’re descending into a labyrinth of pain and hate. “Weeping Willow” is my favorite song on the album. The keyboards create emotion that can be likened to something Beethoven would have written and the guitars and keyboards are in perfect complimentary union. “Weeping Willow” is the catalyst in this melodic tale of tragedy and it creates cathartic emotions that I’m sure was the goal of the band with this offering.

Instrametal What I loved about this album was that it is a musical journey and this band doesn’t rely on cheap gimmicks to entertain. This is what you call a band; because all the instruments are making love to one another, with none of them feeling out of place. They are all accomplished musicians, and have taken time to sculpt an album that will linger long after the last track has been listened to.

I leave you with the following poem from the cover: “Take a moment and observe mankind’s destructive ways. Harvesting our precious earth for profit. The monetary evolution became the path to short term gain, resulting in irreparable, non reversible, everlasting environmental damage. And with the idiocy mistaken for intelligence we claim the throne of superiority.”

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