Misericord – Requiem of the Newborn Review

mesericord-requiem-of-the-newbornMisericord from Johannesburg produce some good old fashioned melodic death metal. It hits all the right chords for me and is a solid effort from this (as of yet) vocalist-less band. Don’t let that little fact dissuade you, they got a session vocalist for the album. A feat in itself relatively unheard of, unless you’re White Wizzard. Oh, and I should mention who this vocalist is. It is none other than one of the progenitors of the Gothenburg sound, the voice of stalwarts of a bygone age… At the Gates‘ Tomas Lindberg.

Yes, you read that correctly, this South African band had an Honest-To-Satan Swede lay down some vocals. What’s more impressive is that Tomas feels invested in this project, as if he were IN the band. And that can only be testament to the quality of the material. This album is expertly written. Every riff, every widdly bit, every drumroll feels as though it was thought out and that the band experimented with every aspect of the material until it was just the right mix of brutality and melody. It is a definitive, sound-defining piece for the band and I look forward to more material and a live performance, or twenty!

Requiem succeeds where many albums have failed in the past: It makes me headbang without regard of my surroundings. In the office, people thought I was be having a seizure!
The album has such a wonderful flow, building from gutbusting mid-tempo beatdowns to high octane riff-fests. From the opening track “Adeste Fidelis” (‘Oh come all ye faithful’, according to Google) through to “To Begin Again”, it’s a fantastic ride through a sonic world of metal, complete with an intermission in the form of an acoustic track “Omicron Ceti” (Google failed a bit here, “Epsilon whale” just sounds odd).

the mix is hard to describe; everything is perfectly clear but it sounds as though it had been put through an early nineties wringer. Normally I would make a case that it sounds like shoddy or rushed mastering, but it sounds perfect! They tried to capture the magic of early Gothenburg sound records and they freakin’ nailed it!
I’m glad we here at Metal4Africa don’t use abitrary number to tell people if an album is good, if we did, I’d give it a solid 42009 (on a scale of 1 to ohmygodiminafire). I just hope they stick to it, find a live vocalist and unleash their beastly sound on the unsuspecting public soon!

The album is available for digital download via their Bandcamp page, also soon to be available on the itunes.

Stream the title track “Requim of the Newborn” below.