Moment Of Clarity – Resurrection Review

moment-of-clarity-resurrectionSo, this is the latest in a series of reviews of albums and EP’s that have crossed my virtual desk (Which is awesome by the way, it’s steam powered and dispenses coffee and whiskey at the push of a button, it also lights up and has a built in volume control, always set to 11).

When I first opened up the album in Winamp (R.I.P) i didn’t really know what to expect. I mean, I knew Moment Of Clarity, I had been to gigs circa 2009 and watched with awe as the ripped up the Summerfest ’13 stage. Less extreme than most of their peers in “the scene” I was expecting something different and Resurrection delivered. It’s and emotionally charged romp of Killswitch Engage style melodic metal that is easily the most accessible and easy listening 23-odd minutes I’ve experienced from a South African band. Don’t look for pig squeals, blast beats or anything native to “extreme” subgenres. For lack of a better term, it’s got pop-rock sensibilities. It’s something you can play to fans of that “polisiekar” band… And slowly convert them to Trve Metal. It’s a gateway drug.

Now, naysayers will call it weak but it’s simply not the case. The EP is meticulously crafted, and it completely represents who the band are and personifies “Resurrection” both in musicianship and lyrical content. Moment of Clarity have re-launched themselves; they are resurrected; and hopefully, they’re here to stay.

About the actual music itself, I can’t find any faults, The guitar work is exquisite featuring lots of killer widdly bits from the lead, building on the solid rhythm. Powerful drum beats and bass that gets spotlight here and there with Lindsey’s vocals bringing it all together. The EP opens with the instrumental piece “Resurrection” which you can hear builds up into what is coming next. “Standing on The Edge” feels as though it’s ready to burst, right up until Lindsey’s first growl, at which point it just explodes into a monstrously heavy aural assault, which breaks out into a melodic, clean vocal lead chorus!
The opening riff of “To The Streets” Is something straight out of Twisted Sister era glam. I love it! A short interlude “Blinded by the lights” bleeds seamlessly into “Insurmountable”, snd Sweet Lord Satan, that solo – that’s Karl Logan territory. The EP closes with the downright anthemic “Bulletproof To The End”.

MOC Belia Oh PhotographyWhat I took away after listening through this EP easily 42 times, is that it doesn’t get boring. It’s got unlimited repeat potential and the guys have put their hearts, souls, blood and possibly limbs into this recording and it shows. This is one of the other albums you should buy with that 13th cheque.

Stream “Insurmountable” below. ‘Dat Solo’ kicks in at about the 2:29 mark!

The Resurrection EP will available for online streaming on Spotify, Grooveshark and SoundCloud from 15 December, as well as available for digital purchase on iTunes and Amazon MP3 on 14 December.