Octainium – Suffer the Clock Review

octainium-suffer-the-clockWhen I received Suffer the Clock in my inbox, via Darkfiend, I was more than a little excited; you see Octainium is one of those Jo’burg bands that flies under the radar, relatively speaking, and having really enjoyed their debut release, The Prophecy I was looking forward to spinning the proverbial disc!

And spin it did! Suffer The Clock is a great album, a worthy sophomore effort and a headbanging good time. The album flows like a freight train over the lowveld, only slowing down when it hits that rise. That is to say, it’s balanced between really angry, politically charged anthems of rebellion and more personal pieces, there’s even a dirge; and it’s heavy as hell!

There is heart in this album, buried beneath galloping guitars, double bass and Amon Amarth style growling vocals. As with the previous album, there are bits of clean vocals to contrast the heavy, and it works, in the same way it works for bands like Killswitch Engage.

There are the odd metalcore elements, breakdowns and such, but they’re tastefully implemented, in that pre 2010 kind of way – the good way! It’s definitely more metal than -core. One thing I noticed, about halfway through the third playthrough is a lack of guitar solos. And you know what a sucker I am for solos! That being said, there are stand out moments of guitar harmonizing with the vocals a la Lamb of God, like on “Grist to the Mill”, and other moments of guitar melodies under the groove, providing a backbone for the rest to build on, as heard on “What’s Your Poison”.

octainium-promo-2014Another nice addition to the album are the guest artists, each brining a different slant to the tracks they appear on. The three tracks in question, “Grist to the Mill” (feat. Scott Wareham of Hokum), “Skeletons” (feat. Alicia van Dyk of North Of Winter) and “The Devil take the Hindmost (feat. Andrew Duggan of Cutting Jade) all add some welcome variety to the album. This to me is testament to how fluid the band can be, moulding their songs to fit with other, out-of-genre artists while keeping their metallic edge. It’s quite remarkable.

All in all, this album is a great second outing for Octainium, and I urge everyone to try and catch them live, it should be a rocking good time. The album will be available via iTunes on Augist 29th!

Because M4A knows you like streaming (I hope) listen to “Dethrone” below, exclusive to Metal4Africa.com