Rammstein – A Fiery Blitzkrieg

If you were in Cape Town on Wednesday, this article needs little introduction. However, for our metal brothers in Johannesburg who have not yet started queuing at the venue, M4A contributor Oom Ben should give you a great idea of what to expect!

On Wednesday the 9th of February 2011, the stage of the Grand Arena at Grand West Casino, Cape Town was set ablaze by the fury and thunderous assault of German industrial-metal masters, Rammstein. As I entered the venue, I felt an ominous drone that filled the stomachs of the eagerly awaiting crowd, the hordes shuffling around to get closer and closer to what would soon result in an explosive start to a marvelous set delivered by these German industrial-metallers. As the sound of the first explosions ricocheted, the curtain was dropped and revealed a massive German flag, and as the reality of the coming Blitzkrieg set in, this curtain also dropped to the sound of “RAMM! STEIN!” … There was no turning back.

Rammstein - A Fiery Blitzkrieg

As they set about their performance, I took a look around to seek out some familiar faces and couldn’t help but smile at the words conveyed by an older rocker who had stood in front of me in the queue earlier. As we had waited to get through the ringing metal detectors, constantly being set off by chains, piercings and steel-toed boots (possibly even lead based tattoos – but to my eyes there were not a large amount of Polsmoor regulars there,) we began chatting. Up came the topic of how wonderful it is when the freaks come out and take over the venues reserved for the ‘upper classes’, when he stated with an evil grin: “Don’t you love it when the ‘regular people’ are forced to hide?”

The show itself was an amazing spectacle of the industrial “sadomasochistic sex” metal that we have come to expect from Rammstein. The stage was set to an industrial factory-like backdrop with the band taking hold and filling it with their powerful stage performance and music. The drum riser was lifted high above the first tier, which was being lead by Till Lindemann, with guttural Germanic bellowing and fire breathing antics. The sound was, in my opinion, also quite something with the grinding guitars and thundering drums creating a perfect base through which the vocals could cut into your mind. The music and performance was of such a nature that it drew me in and I found myself heading further forward, regardless of disgruntled comments by fellow audience members, until I got to a barrier set up by what I can only imagine were two tow-truck drivers. As I stood there listening to “Feuer Frei”, I was beyond content.

Rammstein - A Firey Blitzkrieg

After delivering a phenomenal set, the boys left the stage only to be pursued by the howling of a ravenous crowd whose hunger for metal had not been nearly satisfied. They returned to the stage and gave us an encore of some much anticipated tracks off Mutter.

I can honestly say that Rammstein definitely delivered. The music was powerful and performed by a band who are masters of their trade. The stage show was spectacular and something that local music fans are not often privy to. It is always a good day when organizers manage to bring down alternative / metal bands without much fuss, and deliver on their promise. Thank you to Big Concerts and to all the fans that came out and put their horns in the air.
I believe we showed that the metal pulse beats strong and that Cape Town always welcomes some fuel to be poured on the heavy metal fire.

“Es fließt durch meine Venen, Es schläft in meinen Tränen, Es läuft mir aus den Ohren…”

Photos used with permission by: Heike van Dominic
Video by: xanderxross