Review: Halloween Horror at Wolmer

“Gauteng’s Emalyth, host to a variety of alternative and metal orientated events in the region, put on a pre-Halloween-themed concert at Wolmer Bush Lounge, featuring a fantastic mix of live music ranging from rock and prog to blistering metal. The show took place on 10 October 2015. Written independently by Heidi De Villiers at, here is a first-hand account of the experience.” ~ Darkfiend, M4A

Kontrast Halloween Horror - Aimed at You
Aimed at You

It was a blazing hot day! This gave us all the more reason to enjoy ice cold, thirst quenching delights, not that we need more reason to drink. It was also a dress up if you wish, and most of us came as ourselves of course, dressed as we metalheads do, with the few exceptions in their styling, cosplay outfits. This event was filled with ‘Kontrasts’, so its damn fitting as my first review for Kontrast \m/

We arrived just in time for Aimed at You. I had no expectation whatsoever, as it was the first time seeing them in action. Sadly it was also the last gig for their bassist Richard, who is relocating to the Western Cape. Wow, what a crazy combination this band packs! From hip-hop, funk to prog, heavy metal and everything in between! Their music is filled with extreme ‘Kontrasts’, between a rapping gent – Paw to a growling lady – Ladyfae, chilled grooves and heavy riffs. Fuck yeah, these guys have a sound that remind me of Mango Groove… whom to me, are the sound of South Africa and Aimed at You are the extreme version of what South Africa sounds like! I fucking love it and can’t wait to experience this urban myth again.

Envious Despair and Posthumous guaranteed broken backs and necks, as always. Both these bands are tight as fuck and extreme in their own way. Truly my cup of metal tea and I just can’t seem to get enough!

Kontrast Halloween Horror - Posthumous

The very bouncy and entertaining Raptorbaby and Only Forever had their fans happily slamming, kicking the air, bouncing about and flipping their hair.

Blame the Architects… DUDE! I have no idea why I have never seen this band, yet heard of them sooo much! From urban myths, to breaking necks and happily bouncing about, we were brought to a standstill, as Laura mesmerized us to the core of our souls, with her hypnotizing voice. They are Dark and absolutely Gorgeous! The feels man, the fucking feels were real and just when you think you had enough of them damn feels, they get heavy, hard and angry! Fuck yes!

Now before I ramble on about the next bands set, I have a few things to get of my chest. Its the subject of moshing and those unsaid rules that all metalheads abide by. Yeah, fuck it right? Who needs rules anyways, they are meant to be broken. I am not arguing that, but let me put it this way. I have witnessed hundreds of moshpits in the last eighteen years (yeah I entered my first mosh pit 18 years ago… and it was FUCKING BRUTAL)…

So the rules are usually this: (besides the obvious no spikes and sharp objects like back in the 80’s) firstly, to have fun and to release whatever the fuck your holding onto; secondly, if a fellow metalhead goes down, you pick him/her up. You try your best not to hurt female metalheads. Now, this is where shit gets real… its totally uncool for female metalheads to take advantage of the dudes, knowing they wont intentionally hurt them back. It does not give a female metalhead the right to intentionally hurt, provoke or push the guys around unexpectedly, especially if they aren’t even moshing. I say, if you’re gonna pull shit like that, you best get ready to take it like a man, cause that’s just fair and you are asking for it. But nobody wants to get involved with shit like that right? So fucking stop it, its soooo uncool and impresses nobody, especially the guys…

Kontrast Halloween Horror - My Columbine
My Columbine

On that note, the highlight of my night, for a very different reason than the usual, was in fact a moshpit! Now throughout the day, fuel had been thrown in the fire, that is the said moshpit. The hype was growing, slowly but surely and we had a few serious instigators, driven by that manly instinct for close contact, combat brutality. That combined with these brutal, extremely entertaining guys from My Columbine made for the perfect 45 minute, yes, over 40 minutes of continuous moshing, recipe!

I have seen all kinds of moshpits, circle pits and walls of death… but none, and I am sincere with this, none have come close to this intense, continous moshpit of carnage! Now imagine first off, a brutal, extreme metal band that is seriously entertaining, a band that usually has more fun on stage, then their fans banging and moshing about. Then imagine a combination of a wall of death, a circle or rather, 8 figure pit, a brutal old school moshpit, then, throw some rugby tackling tactics in there, wrestling, as well as some freaky capoeira moves and whatever it is the kids do today, in combat sports… are you imagining that?

Bodies flying about and being picked up then dunked into the ground, over and over. Hoodies, hats, hair, hands, arms, legs, shoes, feet and all sorts being bashed about and swinged around! It was fucking insane! It looked like way too much fun and extreme pain and right up there on the danger scales. The other mind fuck is… that it just kept going and going. Yes moshpits can last long, but of this brutal nature, usually a few songs only, with some headbanging in between. The band as well as non moshpit participating fans, were just as gobsmacked as I was. There were some minor and some serious injuries afterwards of course, including a broken ankle, respect dude… all for the love of metal!

After that, we had no energy left and couldn’t stay for the last band, Diabolous Incarnate, another brutal entity worth witnessing.

Make sure to support your local bands and never miss a moment, especially moments of this kontrasting nature \m/.

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Photographs courtesy of Heidi De Villiers