Robyn Ferguson – Alizarin [EP REVIEW]

Alizarin EP Cover
EP Cover

The inimitable Robyn Ferguson, lead vocalist of Adorned in Ash, is releasing an instrumental EP this week! I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to listen to it, and man oh man…

She is giving her all on this EP. The songs are epic, the playing is masterful – my only gripe is that at under 15 minutes, Alizarin is just too short. I want more! Her playing is incredibly precise and clean – something she also contributes to Adorned in Ash – but by making this an instrumental EP, her guitar skills grab your attention for all the right reasons.

Songs on Alizarin

‘The Raven’ is the first track, and I found it to be one hell of a story teller piece. The switch from  heavy rhythms to precise shredding to melodic guitar solos – all packed into one song – makes for a heady combination and gets you into the groove for the rest of the EP.

The second track, ‘The Oceanborn’, begins with a slow fade in. The steady cadence combined with the mellifluous guitar is impassioned and faultless. The melody is catchy without being cheesy, and it’s a definite ear-worm, as I found myself humming it throughout the day.

I found ‘The Timebender’ to be a really good listen. It’s hard to sit still when listening to this, as the song seems imbued with energy. Halfway through, however, the theme becomes a little more gentle and morphs into almost a type of guitar aria. As weird as this may sound, ‘The Timebender’ has an operatic feel for me.

The final track, ‘The Pack’, starts off with quite a wistful sound. But then your ears are absolutely seduced with an effusive riff and you get taken on a thrash journey. It’s a great track to end on, because it both rounds out the offering on the EP, and leaves you wanting more.

The instrumentation on this EP is gorgeous and skillfully mastered. Robyn’s songwriting skills are spectacular, and I’m really hoping that Alizarin is a sign of more solo work from her.

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Robyn Ferguson 2019 Alizarin track art