Summerfest ’12 in Review – Part 2

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A strange thing happened at around 20:40. Stellitius did a quick soundcheck and then… they disappeared! They didn’t actually play and were replaced last minute by the now infamous Anonymous! I can’t complain too much about the change, as they knew all of Stellitius’ material. They were joined by some of the Black Orchid Beasties on stage and delivered a great headbanging set. That’s one thing about Stellitius: I can never fault their sets. They come on and deliver balls-to-the-wall metal every time! They’re also one of the few bands that actually put on a show and not just perform. It takes balls to play an entire set with full face masks on and Ian especially, pulling off his signature vocals through the fucking mask! Once again, Stellitius did not disappoint!

Next up were Durban-based extreme metallers, . These guys (and girls) treated Cape Town to their nightmarish blackened death. It was hard, it was fast, it was, dare I say, brutal! It’s always great to see them live. Their stage presence is epic, the crowds love them and both on and off stage, I’m always surprised when I don’t see blood flowing. If you haven’t seen them live, you owe it to yourself to go to every show you can! Cape Town will always welcome Theatre Runs Red to our side of the country, horns held high.

The darkness subsided, the crowd crawled outside to get some fresh air, it was already past 10 and still hot as all hell! Next on stage were Cape Town’s own hair metal maestro’s Sabretooth. These guys are always a joy to see and although they get flak from some crowds for “not being metal” (which unfortunately showed due to the dwindling crowd throughout their set), I like them. Their style is no less-metal than the bands before them. Respect to them for keepin’ on rockin’, even in the face of a dissipating crowd. If any metal band goes really big in this country it will probably be these guys, mark my words!

It grew closer to midnight and blackness descended again upon the stage. It was the long awaited return of Cape Town’s own black metallers Rigormortem. I’m not a huge fan of black metal, but regardless of my predisposition, I have good things to say. Rigormortem are unbelievably tight and assaulted the crowd with pure black metal. You have to respect what these guys are doing and by Satan they’re good at it. They could improve their crowd interaction, but I’ll put that down to the fact that they haven’t performed live since ’08. I’d also very much like to keep tabs on them and see what this year holds.

All in all, I really enjoyed Summerfest. Great bands, great crowds. Hell – I walked away limping (I might be getting too old for moshpits)! But it was one not to be missed, and if you did, see you at Winterfest in July!