The Drift – Dreams of Deluge Review

the-drift-dreams-of-delugeIt’s been just over a year since we first heard of The Drift (a.k.a. “That Facebook Band”). Having gone from a band with nothing besides the combined experience of its members – seasoned veterans from such bands as Knave, Gadabout, Chromium and Misericord – wait, didn’t I recently review Misericord‘s album? (You did – Ed) – The Drift have grown a lot since being “That Facebook Band”. They have a fully booked touring schedule, culminating in opening for Lamb of God in January alongside Cape Town “Ou Ballies” Mind Assault. And now the album is out, and ready to be judged by the discerning metal public. …and twats like me.

This album is possibly one of the most cohesive debut albums I’ve heard in a good while and after reading the booklet, which has some spectacular artwork, I realised that this album is part of a trilogy: the so-called “Deluge Trilogy”. So, The Drift have essentially already promised three albums, which is no mean feat, the type of ambition reserved for the likes of Agro and Sacrifist!

According to the invisible “Pigeon-Holing Council(tm)” The Drift play melodic death metal. Personally, I would call it “adult contemporary melodic death metal”, which may be a mouthful but that specific nook of metal is occupied by bands like Insomnium, Omnium Gatherum and Be’lakor. The sound is mature, it’s sensible, it drinks whiskey and smokes pipe.
This doesn’t mean that the music isn’t great live headbanging fodder, it most certainly is! Tracks like “Exile” and “Ommerge” bring the noise, so you can rest assured that this is a memorable collection of metallic goodness.

The album is carved out of a solid block of obsidian. It’s timeless. The sounds you hear are all mixed and mastered beautifully to create a solid slab of great music. Fans of old school bands will hear the riff stylings they like and metal hipsters in turn will laud the variation in structure and time signatures. This album has something for everyone, even an acoustic interlude with “Serenity”. It seems acoustic interludes are a thing this year in S.A Metal, though it does focus more on drums than guitar.

the-drift-promo-2013Dreams Of Deluge then weaves a story so enthralling and easy to digest that you can’t help but stop and listen to take it all in. Intricate melodies, clean vocals contrasting the growls, crunchy groove-driven riffs. It’s a killer.
My favourite track is without a doubt “An Ocean Prayer”. It is the culmination of all the ideas the band wishes to express. A slower, almost grinding aural experience. When I close my eyes, I can picture an ocean, empty, and unending.

Do yourself a favour then and support this band! Buy the album, it’s on iTunes. It’s the best R90 you’ll spend out of that 13th cheque you’ll be getting later this month!

Stream “Exile” from Dreams of Deluge below: