Vulvodynia – Lord of Plagues Review

vulvodynia-lord-of-plaguesInternet Bands, they’re a thing no. And like Myspace bands before them and studio projects before that, they form a valid part of the music industry. South Africa it seems, is not as behind the times. Vulvodynia, is a two piece Internet band that recently released a three song, six track EP, Lord of Plagues.

I’m stepping out of my comfort zone with this… Actually; not stepping, more like cliffdiving. Vulvodynia are a self-styled Slam Death Bulldozer – so, here I sit, headphones on, having my brain demolished by some of the hardest, fastest metal I’ve heard come out of this country. Add to that the fact that they’re younglings (I did some Facebook snooping online) and that makes this release even more impressive.

Death metal at its core, is all about brutal technical proficiency, which these two have in spades. From start to finish (roughly 16 minutes) it’s a non-stop parade of blast beats, low-tuned, almost guttaral guitar riffs and bass tuned deeper than Satan’s bowels. The only part of this concoction that baffles me are the vocals, the lack of clear vocalisation of the lyrics leaves them feeling a tad meaningless. (shorthand: I’ve got no clue what he’s saying). That being said, it doesn’t take away from the experience.

As I said earlier it’s a three song EP. The three songs: “Drowned in Vomit”, “Lord Of Plagues” and “Forced Fecal Ingestion” have two versions on the release. With vocals and instrumental. If you’re a death metaller, buy this EP. If not, at least give it a spin on their Bandcamp page, and think about cracking that wallet and paying a dollar or more to support local musicians.

Listen to the title track, “Lord of Plagues”, below: