Wolmer Events Arena – Quarters of Death Metal

The 26th of March 2011, Wolmer Events Arena was the setting for a night of beer fuelled madness and skull crushing metal as some of the most prominent local death metal acts shared the stage in an effort made possible by Maggot Entertainment.

Most of the local fans would not have expected such an onslaught of brutality before, as a Wolmer gig is characterised as being reasonably chilled; but whether it was the fence-wire extended across the face of the stage or the goat heads dripping from the ceiling that set the atmosphere, the crowd was definitely hungry for metal!

Bleeding Spawn
Bleeding Spawn was the first band to hit the stage and stunned people with their relentless dual-vocal abilities and their creative use of 7-string guitars added to their distinctive sound and ballsy tone. Theatre Runs Red also gave the black metal enthusiasts something to cheer about. Hailing from Durban, this unique style of blackened death metal, fronted by gutteral female vocals, certainly caused uproar amongst the crowd.

Theatre Runs Red at Wolmer Events Arena
Architecture of Aggression, instantly recognisable by their horde of followers, performed as a two man demolition team on the night, once again paying their respects to South African metal as they have done so often in the past. Pledge Defiance, based in Durban, provided some variation with their unique style of death-grind and was a treat for the Pretoria crowd, many of whom would not have seen them before. Bile of Man tore down everything in sight (literally!) with a fierce display of circular head banging and a mosh pit not for the faint hearted!

Architecture of Aggression
Finally A Walk with the Wicked took the crowd into the early hours of the morning with a performance that would silence even the worst critic. With the impressive ability to keep the crowd engaged, even after a night of drinking and ferocious head banging, this Cape Town based death-groove band gave Pretoria’s metal heads no other choice than to start walking with the wicked.

With these bands fronting the South African metal scene, there is a beacon of hope glimmering for the metal community to grow and earn the admiration it deserves. The fans are eager to lift their metal horns in support.

Photography by Andre Venter (Tyranic Assault Photography) and Larissa van der Westhuizen