SAMMA (South African Metal Music Awards)

This page is dedicated to the South African Metal Music Awards, and fulfills the task set to to serve as an independent observer to the awards and the processes used to ascertain the annual victors. The appointed individual at (Patrick Davidson 2016-2019 / Claire Martens 2020) is not a participant in the nominations and/or evaluation of the awards; his role is to ensure that the rules described within the SAMMA Operating Manual are adhered to, and to bring this information of the inner workings to the public space for scrutiny.

Historical SAMMA Documents for public interest

For the upcoming SAMMA 2021 (recognizing the achievements of 2020)

From the SAMMA 2020 (recognizing the achievements of 2019)

From the SAMMA 2019 (recognizing the achievements of 2018)

From the SAMMA 2018 (recognizing the achievements of 2017)

From the SAMMA 2017 (recognizing the achievements of 2016)

From the SAMMA 2016 (recognizing the achievements of 2015)