SAMMA 2019 Ceremony: recognizing achievements of 2018

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Johannesburg, South Africa: a day with a difference looms for local metallers.  Once a year, the South African Metal Music Awards gives fans, artists and other industry-related people a reason to look flashy.  Only if they want to, of course. This year, the SAMMA 2019 Ceremony takes place once again at Rumours; however at the new location of the venue now in Hillfox.

Some things to know about the SAMMA 2019

Did you know that each year, the SAMMA looks at what happened in South African Metal from only within the previous year?  Indeed, “recognizing the achievements of 2018”.  This means that bands which appear to be most relevant within the SAMMA process are being commended for things they did last year, and not this year.  Next year’s ceremony will celebrate this year, because this year is not yet complete; though it will be complete and can be thoroughly assessed at any time after 31 December.

Did you know that more than 40 local bands/artists have been recognized for their accomplishments in 2018 since the beginning of the nominations process? The SAMMA is not only about the awards ceremony night, but really about the whole process and sharing of information; thereby encouraging the public and industry to explore new things in local metal.  Each year brings out a few gems which – whilst perhaps not making a powerful enough impact to seize an award – certainly may pick up a few new fans.

Did you know that the final results are the result of a massive voluntary effort?  Well over 800 participating voters, a panel of 7 scene/industry veterans, an organizer team and an independent observer all volunteer time, expertise and/or general opinion on various aspects of the process.  Some might say that the SAMMA is nothing but a popularity contest.  Well, in terms of the final results, nobody can rightfully argue against that opinion. Just don’t forget that through the process, the SAMMA brings into focus to many people some of the more unusual, obscure or niche bands, and then some of those which just mostly flew beneath the radar for whatever reasons.  Why should measuring a band’s reach and influence be a band thing?  So much can be learned.

Did you know that a band does not need an award or even a nomination to be amazing?  Of course you do.  You’re a metalhead!  Remember that the SAMMA is just a bit of fun and adding some spice to our scene, whilst creating talking pieces about the talent to be found here.  There are many amazing bands in South Africa who just didn’t do very much during a certain time period, and thus will more than likely be recognized for a year in which they do (or did).  Feel free to talk about them as being “the best” anyway, regardless of what the SAMMA results tell you.  Nobody is insisting that anybody else must accept the SAMMA results as binding; they are merely a reflection of widespread and calculated opinion.

Rumours Hillfox, Saturday 23 November

Gather for a rare evening of metalheads in extraordinary outfits (ironic, we know) engaging conversations and a celebration of all things South African Metal.  Join the facebook event page for more details.