Attila: South African tour dates announced


Attila 2019 JHB show

Johannesburg, South Africa: news struck this week with announcements from Brochella and RAM that USA’s metalcore powerhouse, Attila, is headed to South African in June. The visit will include three performances in South Africa’s largest urban centers, spanning the long weekend surrounding Youth Day; culminating as the headlining performer at RAMFEST 2019.

Attila, South African tour dates:

From humble beginnings with the self-produced Fallacy album in 2007, Attila climbed the ranks towards entering the US Billboard Charts with 2016’s Chaos. Attila‘s latest offering, Villain, is the band’s eighth studio album and was released as recently as 22 February. It features hit songs such as ‘Bad Habits’ and ‘Toxic’.

Catch Attila live in Johannesburg, Cape Town or Pretoria:

14 June @ Rumours Rock City, Johannesburg
With Red Helen, Atlantic South, Riddlebreak. Buy tickets via Plankton.

15 June @ Mercury Live, Cape Town.
RAM will announce Cape Town support bands at a later date. Buy tickets Quicket.

16 June @ RAMFEST 2019, Pretoria
With Vulvodynia, Facing The Gallows, One Day Sky & more. Buy tickets via Plankton.

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