Coastal Defecation Tour: Mpumalanga greets KwaZulu-Natal… brutally

Coastal Defacation Tour 2018

Middelburg, South Africa: this otherwise unremarkable rural/industrial town seems to be a breeding ground for some of the most extreme metal bands this country has to offer. From here, Bleeding Spawn is a multiple SAMMA winner and is well-traveled in South Africa’s major centers; and yet is merely the tip of the iceberg. Although Bleeding Spawn is more widely known, there is an older, more deeply entrenched band; Displeased Disfigurement. Whilst Bleeding Spawn consists of some of the same band members, the latter dates back impressively to 2001!

With brutal metal being such a fixture in Middelburg, it comes as no surprise that a whole new generation is rising. Enter: Resurrection of Fetal Remains. This weekend, all three bands are hitting the road together, and taking the brutality to Durban.

Get a dose of Brutal Metal at the Coastal Defecation Tour this weekend

The Coastal Defecation Tour is a one-stop affair with a singular target in mind. Durban, and it’s legendary The Winston Pub. The mission is to deliver three Mpumalanga bands into the hands and hospitality of two of KwaZulu-Natal’s counterparts, Desolation and Imperious Vision. What happens after that… the tone set by the bands names and tour title should suffice to say.

“This tour is very monumental not only for us in the bands, but also for the whole scene. It’s the first time in SA history that there are three bands from our home town that play the most extreme metal one can find; and now we can share our different values and musical journeys with people who don’t get to witness it everyday. Bringing bands like Desolation to help us on this show, who we have been very close with, and Imperious Vision having members that come all the way from Rocktober days in Hendrina; its really a special moment for us.” ~ Dominic Vorster (bass/vocals, Bleeding Spawn/Displeased Disfigurement)

A first for everything, but not for everybody

Bleeding Spawn last had the privilege of visiting Durban two years ago, whereas the Coastal Defecation Tour represents a first for both Displeased Disfigurement and Resurrection of Fetal Remains.

This is the first time for Displeased Disfigurement to go down to Durban. We are super excited since
our new line up is the most solid that we have had in our thirteen years of being a band. We have so many new tracks that we can’t wait to unleash to some new fans. We’ll will also have loads of merch and a lot of albums for sale; all our albums are released through CDN Records and they all will be available at this show.” ~ Dominic Vorster

Bleeding Spawn 2018
Bleeding Spawn, the 2018 line-up with guitarist Wouter Botha

New faces on the Coastal Defecation Tour

Speaking of new line-ups, Bleeding Spawn presently plays with a new guitarist, Wouter Botha (best known from Maximum Carnage), and Displeased Disfigurement recently took on drummer Riaan Els (Bile of Man) and Theo Durand, none other than the vocalist of Resurrection of Fetal Remains; weaving an even more tight-knit community from an otherwise inhospitable environment.

“First and foremost lets get one thing out of the way; Middelburg is quite a dull little town. Nothing ever happens and it’s a very religious community. So, to have not one; not two; but three extremely controversial bands from this location is something quite remarkable.” ~ Theo Durand (vocals, Resurrection of Fetal Remains/Displeased Disfigurement)

Theo also cites Bleeding Spawn as a huge inspiration to his own band as a “second generation” of brutal music from Middelburg. Furthermore, for himself to also be involved directly with some of these musicians in Displeased Disfigurement:

“I am super excited for my second show with Displeased Disfigurement. These pals really know how to create some sick music and I am honored to share the stage with them. Durban, be ready! This lineup will crush your fucking skull!” ~ Theo Durand

“This show will mark a day that extreme metal still lives and is thriving in our scene, and being able to showcase something that we never thought would happen; its going to be a seriously sick show.” ~ Dominic Vorster

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